From upload issues to data disappearing, unitQ analyzes what to look out for with looming iOS 16 release

For this chart above, unitQ surfaced product quality issues by ingesting Apple App Store reviews of more than 4,400 mobile applications. unitQ then parsed those reviews with machine learning and proprietary unitQ algorithms to produce these results.

unitQ provides concrete, data-driven guidance on how to halt product quality issues for upcoming release

BURLINGAME, Calif., Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — unitQ, the leading platform empowering companies to take a user-centric, data-driven approach to improving product quality, today shared insights into product quality issues organizations might expect with the debut of iOS 16 in the coming days.

With the previous iOS 15 update, unitQ analyzed a wide range of apps from business and productivity, to dating and social networking, finding that complaints from mobile app users increased dramatically during the transition. From a month before to a month after iOS 15 was released on September 20, 2021, missing notifications in dating apps spiked 114%, upload issues in the photo-video industry jumped 132%, the mobile gaming sector saw a 300% increase in user complaints that their hero “died for no reason,” and concerns from users of finance apps that their “data disappeared” increased 150%.

“Destructive quality-of-life or customer-churning issues from iOS 15 software update mean the rollout of iOS 16 will likely cause headaches for end users and, by default, developers — despite their best intentions,” said Christian Wiklund, Founder and CEO at unitQ. “But how long developers and their organizations allow product quality issues to linger in their apps is another story — a story whose ending depends on how and if organizations listen to what their end users are saying about them.”

unitQ Monitor provides organizations with real-time insights and actionable intelligence necessary to identify and fix those product quality issues that are the top concerns for your users. In today’s crowded app landscape, quality is a true market differentiator that can help businesses scale efficiently. With the help of machine learning and AI, unitQ captures user feedback in more than 70 languages from dozens of sources — including the Apple App Store, Discord, Google Play Store, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and among others YouTube. unitQ also integrates with productivity tools such as Slack, PagerDuty, Zendesk and Jira.

Companies including Spotify, Klarna, HelloFresh and Udemy harness this data to visualize how existing and new product features are impacting their users across regions, app versions, and operating systems in real time. unitQ algorithms enable organizations to harness this real-time user feedback to take a measured, data-driven approach to their product quality efforts, fix issues faster, and leverage insights into roadmaps.

unitQ found that half of users polled will not do business with a company unless it has at least a four star rating, and nearly three quarters of users won’t buy a product before they’ve read the reviews. When app experiences don’t meet users’ expectations, they are likely to file more tickets for support teams and submit lower app ratings and negative reviews — all of which damages a brand. New users are less likely to try the product and existing users become less engaged, and churn results.

About the data for this study

For the purposes of this study, our charts are based on the ingestion of tens of thousands of iOS App Store reviews from more than 4,400 apps for the time period of one month before to one month after Apple’s release of iOS 15 on September 20, 2021.

Overall, as illustrated in the chart below, social networking apps saw the biggest increase in users reporting product quality issues after Apple updated to iOS 15 last year. Following social media was the photo-video sector, gaming and so on.

About unitQ

unitQ is an AI-enabled platform that listens to signals from an organization’s user base. unitQ is arming organizations with real-time actionable insights to build a better customer experience both immediately and into the future to improve product, reduce churn, boost star ratings and build great experiences.

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