FUTEX 2022 to be Held in Taipei in Hybrid Format to Explore Key Technological Advances of the Next Decade

TAIPEI, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global leaders and new startups in the semiconductor, zero-emissions, and sports technology sectors will attend the 2022 Future Tech Pavilion (FUTEX 2022).

FUTEX 2022 is an event hosted by Taiwan’s National Science Council. Serving as one of the world’s important ICT industry bases, the island is home to TSMC, a leading semiconductor maker and key provider of iPhone chips to Apple.

A highlight of the annual event is the Global Trends Forum at which three selected lead topics are discussed. This year’s topic lineup includes Ahead of the Trend: The Global Market for Semiconductors in the Next Decade, The Technology-Based Revolution for the Net Zero Future, and New Technology Creating the Brand New View of Sports Industry.

The Semiconductor Forum will invite executives from Qualcomm, Israel’s Chain Reaction, and US-based startup SiFive to discuss the future trends of semiconductors, including the key to the continuation of Moore’s Law, emerging chip designs, and the competitive development of the global semiconductor industry.

The Net-Zero Emissions Forum will feature members of top management from Switzerland’s Energy Vault, Iceland’s Carbfix and Australia’s Yarra Energy Foundation. The speakers from the three countries will elaborate on their world-leading green technologies and net-zero capabilities.

The Sports Technology Forum will invite executives from South Korea’s 4DREPLAY, a firm that has redefined the sports viewing experience with its advanced 4D video technology that has been used to broadcast NBA, MLB, and Tokyo Olympics events. Another speaker, from the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA), will share his views on how to link sports-related technological advances around the world through international exchanges.

FUTEX 2022 will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from 10/13 to 10/15, and be broadcast live on FUTEX 2022’s and TechOrange’s Facebook pages with the goal of sharing the future trends of semiconductors, net-zero emissions and sports technologies, as well as the most popular technological advances in the market with global audiences.




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