FyberX Announces Two Appointments to the Board of Directors

FyberX Holdings, LLC announced the appointment of Dr. Iulian Bobe and Rick Barker to the FyberX Board of Directors, effective Apr 27, 2022.

WILLIAMSBURG, Va., April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — FyberX Holdings, LLC today announced the appointment of Dr. Iulian Bobe and Rick Barker to the FyberX Board of Directors, effective Apr 27, 2022. Following the appointment of Dr. Bobe and Mr. Barker, the Board will comprise five directors, four of whom are independent.

“I am pleased to welcome Iulian Bobe and Rick Barker to the FyberX Board,” said Ben P. Young, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FyberX. “Iulian’s technical experience commercializing novel fiber processing technologies at Circ and strong relationships with the textile supply chain will be invaluable to FyberX as we expand our IP portfolio. Likewise, Rick’s logistics expertise will be instrumental to our ability to scale quickly.”

Dr. Iulian Bobe is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of CIRC. Iulian is the architect and strategist behind CIRC’s technology platform, pioneering advancements in technology that combine chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and other disciplines. Before CIRC, Iulian was team member number five at a Japanese biotech company called NanoCarrier. At NanoCarrier, he held numerous positions, led licensing and clinical/business development, and helped the company raise more than $180 million through several financing events, including an IPO on Tokyo Stock Exchange. Iulian earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Osaka Prefecture University (Japan) and his MBA from Duke University.

Rick Barker is the Founder and CEO of Supply Resources and THRIVE Logistics. Rick spent the first 18 years of his career in packaging distribution for International Paper and Georgia Pacific. In 2007, he founded Supply Resources, headquartered in Danville, Virginia, as a custom packaging & logistics company. In 2021, Rick spun off the logistics assets of SRI and merged it with the acquisition of Lynchburg Public Warehouse to create THRIVE Logistic. THRIVE is a public warehouse company concentrating on warehousing, third-party logistics, and trucking. Rick is a current director of the Virginia Chamber and Future of the Piedmont.

About FyberX

FyberX’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of environmentally responsible products by modernizing America’s natural fiber processing infrastructure and reviving industrial fiber hemp for the benefit of both people and planet.

FyberX combines proven large-scale equipment processes with innovative technology to provide the consistency, quality, and traceability required to fulfill the growing demand for sustainable alternatives to consumer and industrial products.

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