Gen Zers from seven countries celebrate Chinese New Year in a special episode of the China Daily series Youth Power

Gen Zers from seven countries celebrate Chinese New Year in a special episode of the China Daily series Youth Power

BEIJING, Jan. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year in the air, people are bidding farewell to the Year of the Ox and ushering in the Year of the Tiger, exemplifying virtues such as vigor, courage and strength.

China Daily presented a special episode of Youth Power titled “As the tiger approaches, it’s new beginnings” at 8 pm Beijing time (7 am EST) on Sunday, Jan 30, just two days before Chinese Spring Festival, inviting Generation Zers from Canada, China, Egypt, France, Uzbekistan, Russia and Ukraine to celebrate Chinese New Year together, and to pass on best wishes to family, friends and people worldwide.

The celebration of this festival is a little different this year, with the Beijing Winter Olympics opening on Feb 4. So as hundreds of millions enjoy the Spring Festival holiday they’ll also be able to lap up what will obviously be a magnificent spectacle in  the Games.

In fact, Chinese New Year is not celebrated just in China but has become one of the most widely celebrated festivals worldwide. 

Nik Gu, a Russian student at Tsinghua University in Beijing, says in the eighth episode of Youth Power that Spring Festival is becoming even more popular in his homeland.

“Our relations are so great now and we can see a lot of Chinese decorations in the city.” 

In the episode, Gen Zers talk about their most cherished memories of the past year and make predictions about the coming year, speaking of their hopes and aspirations for the Year of the Tiger.

Zhao Yiming, a Chinese Canadian, talks of her hopes for an end to the pandemic, Asilbek Khonkhujaev from Uzbekistan talks of his expectations for the 19th Asian Games to be held this year in Hangzhou, where he hopes to become a volunteer, and Wang Zongnan, a student at Tsinghua, speaks of hopes for Youth Power to become a force for good in the world, even as the pandemic is finally conquered.

Tetiana Pavelchuk, a Ukrainian studying at Tsinghua, who acknowledges having been smitten by a love for China, says: “2022 is the year of the Olympics, the year of the football World Cup, the year in which China and Ukraine celebrate 30 years of their diplomatic relationship, a year of scientific and space exploration and the year of a new digital world, and I believe it will be a year of peace.”

Sherif Abdelsamie, just six months old when he came to China from Egypt, says he has spent 14 spring festivals in the country. There is no doubt the Winter Olympics will be a huge success because China is adept at achieving extraordinary accomplishments, he says.

Zhang Ruiru, a Tsinghua Global Student Ambassador, talks of recording videos in which people gain an insight into her life and says she wants to continue to encourage others. “I want to present a portrait that gives viewers the world over a good idea of what the life of a young Chinese person is like,” she says.

Youth Power is an online program developed by China Daily since June, conceived with the interests and ideals of Generation Z in mind. It aims to provide an insight into the perspectives of young people on the state of the world and where it is heading, encouraging them to think about issues and motivating them to play their role in making the world a better place. The previous six episodes attracted more than 900 million views.

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