Google clocks 23, celebrates a net worth of over $1,600,000,000

Not everyone is aware that Google clocked 23 today, the day the innovative platform hit new milestones since 2005.

Indeed an ‘innovative’ platform, Google has evolved over the years. It started as a search engine but currently offers a whole lot of services used in our day-to-day activities. These range across Google mail, Android, Google Play Store, Google Assistant YouTube, Google Meet, Google docs, Google Drive, Google ads, should I keep going? There’s a lot to appreciate Google for.

Listed among the Tech Giants, Google was founded in 1998 by two PhD students of Stamford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They created PageRank and its search engine was BackRub which was later renamed Google. 

In 2002, Google was moved to Mountain View, California and its headquarters was called Googleplex.

In 2015, Google started working as a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. From 2010 to 2015, Google invested hugely in other hardware devices rather than just softwares. It merged itself with nexus, a leading smartphone brand and many other applications and smart devices like smart speakers, smart clocks among others.

Fast forward to July 2021, the company’s net worth was $1,682,000,000. 

Google’s parent company is Alphabet Inc and has total assets of $3,270,000,000. The top five Google shareholders include Larry Page; 40.1 million shares (Type C), Sergey Brin; 38.9 million shares (Type C),  Vanguard Group, Inc.; 22.6 million shares (Type C), BlackRock, Inc.; 20 million shares (Type C), and T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.; 12.2 million shares (Type C).

The daily earnings of Google is $50,000,000 and it earns a huge amount of wealth from the advertisement of products and services.

The American multinational company boasts of over a billion users daily even 23 years after the company kicked off operations.

Although Google was founded on September 4, 1998, it currently celebrates its birthday on September 27. 

This hasn’t always been the case. 

Google celebrated its birthday on September 7, the day the company was incorporated, till 2005. For the company’s excellence and achievement to coincide with its birthday celebration, Google changed the date to September 27, announcing the huge surge the company experienced in patronage. A new start for the company.

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