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Grab 2 handy car chargers for under $75

Grab 2 handy car chargers for under $75

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

TL;DR: Charge your phone quickly with the OMNIA C2 magnetic wireless car charger and OMNIA C1 fast charger. As of July 7, grab them both for $74.99, a 10% discount.

How many times have you told your friends you’ll be 15 minutes late because you’re letting your phone charge for just a little bit longer?

Get back on track with your summer plans by snagging the OMNIA C2 magnetic wireless car charger and OMNIA C1 fast charger for under $75 for a limited time.

The OMNIA C2 car charger can charge the latest iPhone 12 with MagSafe. All it takes is one simple click to connect and refill your power. With an adjustable viewing angle, you can easily see if someone texts you (just don’t respond while driving!), or see your driving directions if you’re using your phone as a GPS system.

Here’s a look at the C2:

The OMNIA C1 charges your devices extra quickly. All you have to do to use it is connect through a USB-C or USB-A charging port. Each port delivers up to 12V (18W) of charging power as you’re driving, so you’ll have enough charge for the rest of the night by the time you arrive at your destination. This device is lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take it on the go practically anywhere as well.

Normally, this set includes the OMNIA C2 and C1 retails for $84. But for a limited time, you can score 10% off and get both for just $74.99, so you’ll never be late to the function again.

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