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Headache-free tech: Product upgrades to solve your biggest tech woes

Headache-free tech: Product upgrades to solve your biggest tech woes

While the robot butlers and flying cars of sci-fi cartoons haven’t yet made it into our homes and driveways, you can still build your own tech utopia — with the right products, of course. One good way to discover your perfect tech item? Think of a problem you’d like it to solve for you.

Lenovo has a well-earned reputation for innovation, and their high-performing tech delivers on problem-solving promises. We’ve got our favorite recommendations here, to get you started:

If you want a prebuilt rig that’s future-proofed

With see-through panels and plenty of fans for airflow, this sleek prebuilt desktop offers major bang for your buck, with Intel Core processing and NVIDIA graphics (especially in light of the rising costs of GPUs). For even more value, the Z490 motherboard is expandable down the line.

Credit: Lenovo

If your gaming screen can’t keep up

This ultra-wide curved monitor has you covered on the game and work front. Get totally immersed in the action with a super-smooth 144Hz refresh rate (and low blue light certification for extended play)—or use it like a two-monitors-in-one display for getting through projects.

Lenovo G34w-10 34" WLED Ultra-Wide Curved Gaming Monitor ($459.99)

If you need a budget-friendly laptop that can do it all

This flexible, two-in-one is a solid deal with everything you need to stay productive in laptop mode or get creative as a tablet, including an optional digital pen. The lightweight design and long-lasting battery make it perfect for tossing in your backpack or beach bag.

IdeaPad Flex 5 14" 2-in-1 Laptop (AMD) ($679.99)

If you can’t find anything on your desk

Declutter your WFH zone with a space-saving all-in-one, featuring a wireless keyboard and mouse. But, when you do need to connect something with a cord, there are plenty of ports, including USBs and an HDMI slot for adding a second screen.

IdeaCentre All In One 3i Desktop (24") ($639.99, normally $749.99)

Credit: Lenovo

If you’re planning on heading into the desert or arctic anytime soon

Are you the type whose morning coffee usually ends up all over your shirt? Tested against 12 military-grade requirements, this ThinkPad will hold up to your spills and tumbles — and with great battery life, customizable configurations, and handy ThinkPad TrackPoint, it combines durability with serious performance.

ThinkPad T14 Laptop ($1,427.40, normally $2,379)

Credit: Lenovo

If you need a really powerful PC in a laptop package

Whether you’re running a small business or just running really demanding apps, this high-performing workstation offers the option of an eight-core processor and pro-level graphics for swift multitasking. It’s also a solid desktop replacement for shifting gears between WFH and the office.

ThinkPad P15 Mobile Workstation ($1,420.42, normally $2,449)

Credit: Lenovo

If want to jazz up your home (without investing in a major DIY project)

Are you incredibly bored of looking at the same prints hanging on your wall? These 15-inch by 24-inch smart frames enable you to easily switch up your interiors with photos and artwork, including a companion app. You can hang this duo side by side for a statement wall or put them in different rooms. Maybe your smartphone pics are gallery worthy after all.

Lenovo Smart Frame 21.5" (2-Pack) ($499.99, normally $799.98)

Credit: Lenovo

If you need a personal assistant to get more done

Scroll through news over breakfast and check your schedule, stream a workout, or use this versatile tablet as a hands-free, smart home hub with Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode. At the sound of your voice (even from across the room), your virtual PA can change the playlist, make reservations, or crank up the A/C (all without complaining about you shouting across the room).

Yoga Smart Tab with the Google Assistant ($269.99)

Credit: Lenovo

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