HHB is the proposer all about having a good life.

KAOHSIUNG, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wherever there are Chinese people, there are group buying. In the Asia-Pacific region, the group buying culture is based on gathering people to bargain by quantity, buying good things at low prices, and saving shipping costs. It is one of the favorite shopping methods of many budget-conscious consumers. Consumers enjoy low discounts, and suppliers can not only save on advertising costs but also expand their customer base. “HHB cross-border business model of good shopping has built a mutually beneficial bridge for stores and consumers.”

In 2019, Youuxi Digital developed “HHB Cross-Border” for suppliers and group-buying owners. For pre-sales, on-sales, and after-sales functions required for cross-border group buying, HHB designs a complete set of group buying services from the perspective of buyers and sellers based on user experience.

Observing the changes in the trend of cross-border group buying over the years, many group-buying champions have been born under the wave of group buying boom. According to the statistics of HHB, local dishes, healthy food, and body care products are the top three best-selling items. Especially in Chinese group buying, hometown food has become the most indispensable vitamin to heal homesickness. Biscuits and candies, noodles and instant noodles, prepared foods, health food, and other delicacies have emerged in large numbers, and the iteration speed is getting faster and faster.

“Chinese people are good at socializing and group gatherings, and cross-border group buying can happen anytime, anywhere.” HHB will strengthen its geographical and multilingual functions in the next stage. For example, in the anniversary sale and vacation festival, the shopping scene can be based on the group buying owner according to the needs of the location, customized adjustments to recommendations and promotions, if there is a need, just become a member of HHB, and you can start a group at any time and cross-border group order at low prices. The group buying culture that has been prevalent in Chinese society for many years is a blue ocean market that can be cultivated, and there are business opportunities everywhere by grasping the needs of consumers.

There is nothing else in cross-border brand management, that is, continuous content marketing and community management, and this point Youuxi Digital’s customized AI business matching can accompany suppliers to go the farthest and earn a lot of profit, especially cross-border Marketing are more about planning and “Time to Marketing”. Opportunities are for people who are usually ready, right?

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Suppliers capable of manufacturing products are welcome, as well as large and small group buying owners from all over the world to join. HHB is the proposer all about having a good life.

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Youuxi Digital is a startup company specializing in AIoT, Web 3.0, and Martech. We provide platform-as-a-service tools for target users to quickly produce influential business models to get profit. Using AI to create a web3 content ecosystem. help generate smart content makes the user of UGC a creator, which also applies to AI Advertorial. Our business verifies in the Funnpen platform that allows suppliers to create high-performing AI-powered content for your brand, business, or product and automate all the boring repetitive work of writing targeted ad copy.

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