Highlights from Proxynet communications’ first Logitech partner conference in Lagos

Proxynet hosts Logitech

Digital collaboration and the need for greater work-place productivity is on the rise. Logitech, a renowned Swiss manufacturer of peripherals for PC navigation, video communication and collaboration, music and smart homes has penetrated the African market through Proxynet Communications.

Logitech, a leading original equipment manufacturer of videoconferencing products like Video Conferencing Cameras, Keyboards, Mouse, Webcams, Headsets, Mobile speakerphones, Wireless Presenters and many more.

Logitech Partners’ conference 2021

These products have become a de-facto solution for corporate and individuals who are keen about efficiency, durability as regards digital collaboration and work-place productivity.

The rise in the demand of Logitech products created a market challenge such as the availability and inability to purchase authentic devices and getting the needed support.

To address this challenge and others, Logitech Partnered Proxynet Communications, a PAN African PRO AV and IT Solution company, with robust presence in West Africa, as an Authorized Distributor to tackle and ensure all Logitech authentic products both Video Conferencing and Creativity & Productivity are locally available for purchase, support and after sales service, with support from Logitech International SA and training for resellers.

Speaking at the partners’ event, Mr. Ifeanyi Edward Ozo-Onyali, managing director of Proxynet Communications, said that it is part of the roadmap for 2021 as Logitech has launched Logitech University, an online portal which enables resellers access trainings, marketing resources and certification.

“The company would be setting up a demo center across all branches in West Africa through Proxynet Communications.

“This will serve as both resellers and End-Users experience center. Resellers are also assured of competitive pricing and technical support.

“Through this Partnership, Proxynet Communications plays host to the first Logitech Partner Conference, live in Lagos West Africa”, he said.

The Swiss company also rolled out new gadgets designed to make remote working efficient.

The conference showcases the very first demo held in Africa for Logitech latest Video Conferencing device; Logitech Rally Bar.

“The Rally Bar” Ozo-Onyali said, upgrades the meeting experience with cinema-quality video, outstanding color, and exceptional optical accuracy. With the new device, it will create a safe, easy, and seamless work environment for both personal or organizational use”.

Proxynet Communications also showcased other Video Conferencing Solutions and Computer Peripherals such as silent mouse, wireless combo, USB and wireless computer headsets, amongst others.

“This partnership has enabled West Africans to enjoy the quality and functionality of Video Conferencing Solutions and peripherals that are durable, comfortable and accessible in the marketplace”, the MD said.

Proxynet has been able to integrate resellers into the Logitech brand by giving quality delivery and support to every of its resellers/end-users.

The conference is set to boost video collaboration by making virtual meetings easily accessible to every user.

This is just the beginning of the innovations from this company and it is set to meet the daily technological needs of day-to-day activities.

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