How Many Solar Panels Do You Usually Need for Your House?

How Many Solar Panels Do You Usually Need for Your House?

Solar energy comes with many great benefits. Not only is it a renewable source of energy that can benefit the environment, but it also is a completely natural way to help lower the cost of your energy bill.

As more homeowners have realized the benefits that solar energy can provide, the adoption of this new energy form has gone up. There are many benefits of solar panels, but you may be unsure of how many you need if you want to make this switch at your own home.

How many solar panels does a typical home usually need? What kind of residential solar panels should you invest in? Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics of what you need to know. 

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need? 

There’s no clean and simple answer to the question of how many solar panels you might need for your property. This is because every property is different.

Some properties get more natural light, and others less. Some homeowners need a lot of electricity to power their homes, some get by with barely any at all. All of this will contribute to how many solar panels are needed at the time of installation. 

One way to determine what the right number might be is to look at your energy bills from the last year. Here, you should be able to find information on your home’s energy usage. You’ll have a reference point for how much solar energy you’ll need to harness to create the same amount of energy. 

When it comes to the available sunlight, it can be best to talk to experts like those at Blue Raven. An expert solar installer can come to take a look at your company and decide how many panels you might need to hit your desired amount of power. 

Home Solar Panels and Power Rankings

While many homeowners understand the benefits of solar panels, less understand how they work. Understanding how a single panel collects energy from the sun can help you to better understand how to reach your energy goals.

The typical solar panel comes with something known as a power ranking. This ranking is usually listed in watts and demonstrates how much energy the panel can generate in one hour. Generally, panels are ranked somewhere between 250 and 400 watts. 

You can do the mental math in your head depending on how many hours of sunlight you expect the panel to get. How much lower are you with that total than the total amount of energy you hope to harness? 

You should be able to do the math to decide how many panels you’d need.

Purchasing Residential Solar Panels

While solar panels can offer many savings over time, they are a big investment upfront. It’s for this reason that many homeowners want to know how many solar panels they need to provide power for their homes. The above information can help you land on that number with ease.

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