How Tek Experts powers tech support in Africa with 1800+ engineers

Tek Experts, leading technology support Service Company has hit a milestone of over 1,800 employees in Nigeria, making it the largest market of its operations globally.

This milestone was announced during a media visit to the company as part of efforts to communicate the essence of the relatively new niche of tech support in the industry.

The recognition as the largest market globally is a direct result of the company’s strategic business opportunities as the largest tech support firm in Nigeria and its increased focus on talent investments.

It also underscores the increasing interest in digital technology and IT support services while ensuring sustained development.

Lars Johannisson, MD for Africa, Tek Experts and elev8

Speaking on the milestone today in Lagos during media parley, Lars Johannisson, the managing director for Africa, Tek Experts and elev8, explained that having Nigeria as its largest market of operations globally is a testament to the company’s commitment to developing the tech support sector in Nigeria and Africa whilst nurturing talents in the country through the help of its sister company, elev8.

In his words, “we recognize that tech support is instrumental in driving our customers’ brand and overall customer experience. We are uniquely positioned to help companies leverage the existing investments they make in customer support to drive product adoption, increase renewal rates, and ultimately top-line revenue growth.

Many of the services we offer to our customers require technical expertise and we invest very heavily in digital skilling and employee development, growing a skilled workforce for the ICT industry.

Lars, Tek Expert

Lars speaking on the company’s vision

At Tek Experts, we offer both a place to develop IT skills and a place to leverage those skills with job opportunities supporting some of the most cutting-edge technology for the biggest global brands”.

He further revealed the firm’s goals in the coming years, “we want to be recognized, as the employer of choice in every market in which we operate. We want the investments we make in our employees’ career development to create growth opportunities for them and enable them to build a career they are proud of in a company they feel fully supported by”, Lars said.

Tek Experts, over two years, have partnered with tech giants, Microsoft, to empower Nigerian youths with technological skills training and on-the-job apprenticeship for real-time engineering projects and deliverables.

The first group of trainees was ten female Software Engineers who commenced and ended their training in September 2019.

Tek Expert hits 1,800 workforce (1)

Tek Experts hits 1,800 workforce in Nigeria

In 2020, another set of 10 Nigerian women benefited from the partnership between the two tech companies.

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