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Why would someone want to dropship on Mercari when they can buy items from yards sales and ship the items themselves? The answer is simple…. Most of us would rather sit at home and find items to sell online rather than waste gas and time driving around town, in the scorching hot sun, looking for items to sell. In addition, dropshipping allows you to have someone else ship your items for you – which saves you an enormous amount of time and money by not having to own any shipping supplies or needing to drive to the post office. Heck! — you won’t even own the items you are selling so you won’t have to worry about what to do with them if they do not sell!

To summarize, the ability to dropship on Mercari is the — ICING ON THE CAKE– for the online sales arena.

My Story

I got into dropshipping after I walked away from my stressful job as a pharmacist. But dropshipping was not my first online selling experience. The first thing I tried was Amazon Fulfilment By Amazon(FBA). I shipped box after box of items into Amazon FBA and had Amazon sell and ship the items via Amazon Prime. Within a year I lost all my money! (Over $50,000) I was not aware of all the fees associated with using Amazon’s FBA service such as short term and long-term storage fees.

During that time, I came across a group called Dropship Domination(DSD) and they taught me how to dropship on Ebay. (Here are the strategies I use on Ebay: I was making good money on Ebay when I decided to dropship on Amazon. A couple of the top DSD affiliates took me under their wing and taught me the inside secrets for how to REALLY make money by dropshipping on Amazon. Within a couple months of learning these breakthrough secrets, I reached $30,000 in a month on Amazon! (Here are the strategies I use on Amazon: :

However, I started testing new strategies and taking bigger and bigger risks. It was these new strategies and risks that lead to my Amazon account being suspended. I tell everyone that Amazon was nice about it because they gave me several warnings and 2 suspensions before the final, permanent suspension.
After having my Amazon account permanently suspended, I fell back on my Ebay account. I started making decent money on Ebay, when suddenly, three cases were opened against me and closed before I knew what to do. Since the cases were closed as a result of the customer calling Ebay, my seller metrics were lowered, and I lost both my ‘Above Standard’ seller rating and my ‘Top Rated’ status. I was stunned!

How To Dropship On Mercari

If you are new to reselling, start with stuff around your house. 

This allows you to get familiar with what people want/like and learn about the platform without a large investment. Once you are ready to take the leap to invest in your side hustle/business, be sure to do your research. Just because a dress is cute or from a talented designer doesn’t mean it has good resale value. Instead,  look at both what has sold and what is your competition—if the marketplace is saturated, there is a good chance the price can tank.”

Take good, clean photos—but there is no need to go out and buy lots of fancy equipment. 

Use a bright area—preferably natural sunlight—and you can simply hang the clothing on a white wall from your phone. For shoes, jewelry, and accessories you can use simple white poster boards from the Dollar Tree. Once you start making more money, you can invest in a full lighting set-up.”

Good title, good description. 

Think about how your buyer would shop online. If the dress is bohemian or perfect for festival season, put that in your description or use the Mercari hashtags. Additionally, your title should follow this format: “Brand, Type, Size.” For example J. Crew Brown A-Line Skirt Size 4. You should also include measurements in the description, as this helps your buyer when they are determining fit.”

Create an organized system for yourself. 

This helps streamline your process as an efficient side hustle. For example, you might follow these steps every time:
-Steam all the clothes and hang them in the photo area.
-Photograph a batch of clothes and edit your cover shot the right way to keep all the photos together.
-Measure the list items. It’s easiest to measure as you create the listing, which then gets an inventory number to determine where this item is stored.
-Bag & Tag: put the clothing in a poly bag to make it easier when shipping time comes around, and put a label on the bag that corresponds to the inventory number in the listing.
-Ship quickly when an item sells. Have your shipping supplies organized—stock up on bubble wrap and boxes.”

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