Huawei Launches Multiple Portfolio Solutions and Releases 2023 Future Intelligent Campus White Paper for Asia Pacific

SHENZHEN, China, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At the Technical Innovation Summit during Huawei Asia Pacific Partners Conference 2023, Huawei launched a number of new upgraded Portfolio Solutions and released the 2023 Future Intelligent Campus White Paper for Asia Pacific, with the aim of helping customers in Asia Pacific build digital infrastructure better and faster and expanding market space for a future of shared success.

At the summit, Michael Ma, President of Huawei ICT Product Portfolio Management and Solutions, delivered a keynote speech titled “Leading Digital Infrastructure through Win-Win Cooperation”. According to Mr. Ma, as an ICT vendor, Huawei mainly focuses on supporting the Technical Architecture by providing products and Portfolio Solutions to help customers build ICT infrastructure better and faster. Huawei currently provides Data Center, Campus, Digital Site, and Wide Area Network Portfolio Solutions. Compared with single products, Portfolio Solutions are better suited to customers’ high-value scenarios. With these offerings, Huawei’s partners can help customers go digital more rapidly.

Michael Ma, President of Huawei ICT Product Portfolio Management and Solutions

To address the common requirements of high-value scenarios across multiple industries, Huawei has combined the needed ICT products into Portfolio Solutions, which are pre-integrated and pre-verified. This helps Huawei work more efficiently with partners to develop industry solutions. Portfolio Solutions facilitate partners’ R&D, marketing, sales, and services by making R&D more efficient, integration simpler, and delivery easier, helping partners achieve business success in an all-round way.

In terms of R&D, Portfolio Solutions leverage advantages in product synergy to ensure APIs are unified and reduce the cost of secondary development. Portfolio Solutions help Huawei’s partners build competitive solutions more quickly.

In terms of marketing, Portfolio Solutions are oriented to customers’ high-value scenarios, and can spark customer interest, helping partners win more sales opportunities. Huawei will carry out joint marketing with partners to improve market influence.

In terms of sales, Huawei provides typical configurations for Portfolio Solutions, facilitating quotation and improving sales efficiency. Compared with selling single products, selling Portfolio Solutions helps partners gain more sales opportunities and revenue.

In terms of service, Huawei performs pre-integration and pre-verification across products, and provides the right delivery tools and templates to make onsite delivery easier and faster for partners.

At the conference, Huawei launched a number of upgraded Portfolio Solutions, including High-Performance Resource Pool, Simplified Office Network, and Smart Pole Site.

  • Data Center: The High-Performance Resource Pool combines multiple products, including databases, servers, storage devices, and switches, and leverages software-hardware synergy to achieve optimal latency, concurrency, and throughput, enabling financial and government customers to upgrade their core application systems.
  • Campus: The Simplified Office Network combines CloudEngine S switches, OptiXAccess optical line terminations (OLTs), OptiXstar optical network units (ONUs), AirEngine access points (APs), HiSecEngine security, eSight, and iMaster Network Cloud Engine (NCE). It simplifies access, architecture, and O&M to help customers build office campus networks with the optimal user experience.
  • Digital Site: The Smart Pole Site combines software-defined cameras (SDCs), AR series industrial-grade IoT gateways, switches, Atlas for edge computing, and long-distance high-bandwidth microwave products to achieve intensive construction of sites, facilitating smart cities. What used to require multiple poles can now be achieved by just one pole; the same pole can serve multiple purposes; and pole operations are unified.

Su Baohua, President of Huawei Intelligent Campus Business, He Weizhi, Vice President of Huawei Asia Pacific Enterprise Business, Daniel Shen, General Manager of Omdia, and Ivy Sun, Head of Omdia’s Intelligent Campus Business, jointly released the 2023 Future Intelligent Campus White Paper for Asia Pacific, sharing insights into the development trends of intelligent campuses and exploring more effective ways to chart the future of intelligent campuses in Asia Pacific.

Jointly releasing the 2023 Future Intelligent Campus White Paper for Asia Pacific

Looking ahead, Huawei stands ready to work with partners based on the Portfolio Solutions to develop differentiated competitiveness and help customers build digital infrastructure better and faster.

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