Huobi Trust's Assets under Custody Climb to Nearly USD 4 Billion

HONG KONG, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the fourth quarter of 2021, Huobi Trust, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huobi Technology Holdings Limited (“Huobi Tech“, stock code: 1611. HK), has approached USD 4 billion in asset custody.

Since the launch of its business in 2021, the asset custody scale of Huobi Trust has been climbing. Not only does it reflect the huge market demand for safe and reliable independent custodial services, but also the high recognition of Huobi Trust by wide range of investors. At present, Huobi Trust provides diversified custodial services for nearly 20 institutional clients, including minters, investment institutions, quantitative funds, market makers and other types of clients in the industry.

Huobi Trust, a subsidiary of Huobi Tech, has a Trust or Company Service Provider Licence (TCSP) in Hong Kong and a US Nevada Retail Trust Company License. It provides compliant virtual assets custody services for clients who require secure custody of assets or risk isolation needs.

“We are pleased to see the demand for our custody business grows so fast”, says Jenny Lau, Head of Hong Kong, Huobi Trust. “Our business strategy can be categorized into four dimensions: license, technology, product functions and service experience.”

Huobi Trust plans to apply for different licenses and international certifications, striving to become the compliant gateway for more institutions. The company will also improve its security capabilities, such as enhancing the underlying wallets, in order to ensure that the standards can meet the needs of the institutional clients.

To diversify and strengthen the product functions, Huobi Trust will continue to consolidate basic custody functions, improve wallet capabilities, support customized accounts, provide customized risk control measures, and more. Huobi Trust will offer value-added functions, such as exchange asset custody and DeFi-linked products. The company aims to provide industry-leading compliant virtual asset diversified trust services, and strive to advance cutting-edge projects and developments in the industry.

To improve its services, Huobi Trust is building an 1v1 customer service team exclusively for institutional clients. By providing 24/7 personalized services, the company can solve different customers’ issues anytime, anywhere.”

About Huobi Tech Holdings Limited

Huobi Technology Holdings Limited (“Huobi Tech”, Stock Code: 1611.HK) was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in November 2016. Actively developing the blockchain ecosystem and virtual asset ecosystem, Huobi Tech is committed to becoming the leading one-stop compliant virtual asset service platform. Huobi Tech currently offers data centre services, cloud-based services, SaaS, virtual asset management, custody, trust & custody, OTC brokerage, lending, trading platform and other related services.

At the same time, Huobi Tech is applying for virtual asset and finance-related licenses in major markets around the world. Up to now, Huobi Tech’s subsidiaries have successfully obtained the approval to conduct Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, registered as a Trust Company in Hong Kong with the Trust or Company Service Provider License (Hong Kong) and the Retail Trust Company License (Nevada USA).

SOURCE Huobi Technology

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