Hyype Space is the Go-To Social Media App to Create and Participate in Online Video Challenges

Headed by Seasoned Hollywood Marketer and Producer Randy Greenberg

LOS ANGELES, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Hyype Space, the go-to, free social media app for online video challenges, is now available for download in the Apple and Android app stores. Hyype Space provides brands with a new, interactive opportunity to reach the coveted 13-34 demographic where they live through fun, sponsorable challenges that allow users ages 13 and older to showcase their creativity and self-expression through video and content creation.

Users (called “members” on the app) create videos, the Hyype Space community votes for their favorite over the duration of each challenge (which can run from one to twelve weeks) and members can watch each challenge leaderboard in real time. The winners of sponsored challenges receive prizes, from interactive experiences to products and services, provided by the challenge sponsor.

As early adopters of the Hyype Space platform, companies that sponsor challenges are leveraging this new form of social media and consumer engagement to turn consumers into content creators and brand ambassadors, while giving them the opportunity to connect and interact with the brands, products or services they love. In addition to brand-sponsored challenges, members can create their own prize-less (i.e., bragging rights) challenges whether privately to their own friends or publicly available to everyone to participate.

Hyype Space is headed by renowned entertainment marketing pioneer, entrepreneur and executive producer Randy Greenberg, who promoted many Hollywood blockbusters during his marketing career and served as executive producer on 2018’s surprise blockbuster “The Meg” starring Jason Statham. Greenberg is currently executive producing “The Meg 2.” His expert vision of what consumers look for in entertainment makes Hyype Space primed for success.

“I’ve spent decades marketing entertainment brands to consumers around the world, and I’m excited to apply that experience to help make Hyype Space the most popular challenge app on the market,” said Randy Greenberg, CEO, Hyype Space. “Like most people, I have been using apps for years but have never built one – until now. What I’ve found is that the app development and execution process is very similar to the process of creating animation, of which until recently, I’d just been a lifelong fan. (Greenberg was a co-executive producer on the animated television series, “A Tale Dark & Grimm” at Netflix). In the end, it’s all about creating something fun that the audience craves and connects with, and this app is going to satisfy the public’s incredible demand for viral challenges by making them easily accessible in one place.”

Additionally, Hyype Space benefits from the support of primary investor and Executive Chairman of the Board Bruce Cassidy, Sr. Cassidy, a successful serial entrepreneur, is a leader in the mining industry, a golf club owner and operator, and an owner and board member of several public and private operating business entities in entertainment, organic gardening and consumer packaged goods.

One of the inaugural challenge sponsors on the Hyype Space app is celebrity chef Todd English’s The English Hospitality Group, a leading global operator, owner and developer of restaurants, hotels, nightlife venues and ghost kitchens.

“The English Hospitality Group is on the forefront of integrating technology in our restaurants to elevate the dining experience in a completely new way,” said Keith Burkard, Partner, EHG, The English Hospitality Group. “We carry tremendous grit for innovation and creating a viral cooking challenge with Hyype Space to connect with the fans of EHG fits perfectly into our marketing approach.”

Showing the range of companies that can utilize the Hyype Space platform, another initial challenge sponsor is the fast-growing pet startup Chippin that develops sustainable, high-quality pet food and treats from planet-friendly proteins, reducing the pet food industry’s carbon pawprint.

“Chippin is committed to helping the planet through great pet nutrition options,” commented Haley Russell, co-founder and CEO of Chippin. “Having a fun way to get this message out with Hyype Space is just the ticket for this!”

Hyype Space mitigates risk for sponsors in the normally “wild west” environment of social media by reviewing all content that is submitted by every user before it is available to the general public to ensure that it meets predetermined community standards to guarantee a safe platform for user self-expression.

“We are very proud that Hyype Space is free of online bullying. Our member commentary is replaced by claps and “thunderous applause” which lets our members vote for their favorite content without the opportunity to malign content or other members,” continued Greenberg. “This allows our members to freely be creative and unique without the worry of negative feedback. As my grandmother always told me, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Download Hyype Space and get hyyped!


Hyype Space is the leading destination for video viral challenges where brands and people can support and celebrate the spirit of competition and each other in a digital community that is safe, supportive and fun! Hyype Space provides a platform for users 13 and older to dazzle the world and leading brands with their creativity and unique voice. Hyype Space delivers unparalleled challenge experiences for individuals to the biggest brands in the world.

Hyype Space. Get Hyyped. See Hyype. Be Hyyped. Get voting and get challenged at http://www.hyype.space/http://www.hyype.space.


EHG, The English Hospitality Group is a leading global operator, owner and developer of restaurants, hotels, nightlife venues and ghost kitchens. EHG is reimagining looks beyond the traditional hospitality model to create unmatched guest experiences that feature impeccable service, extraordinary cuisine and unique, elevated atmospheres. Learn more at Ehgusa.com.


Chippin creates high quality pet foods made from planet friendly proteins. The company is transforming the $37B U.S. pet food market with its insect, overpopulated fish and algae-based foods. Chippin meets the rapidly growing demand for protein alternatives and delights pets with science-backed, traceable nutrition. For more information, visit chippinpet.com.

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