iLamp Oregon secures the exclusive license for the future of smart streetlights for Oregon

VANCOUVER, Wash., Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — iLamp Oregon is pleased to announce that it has successfully secured the full territorial rights for iLamp and all its current and future applications for the State of Oregon, paving the way for a revolutionary transformation of the State’s Green-Technology initiatives and Smart-City infrastructure. This significant milestone is supported by a $4.6m capital investment which has enabled iLamp Oregon to purchase the territory rights, bestowing the company with full and exclusive sales, distribution, manufacturing, marketing and sublicensing rights. 

“Our commitment and faith in the future of Oregon and the iLamp Oregon team makes us more than glad to make this investment,” says Edward Fitzpatrick – Director and Chairman of the Board, of Conflow Power Group. 

Introducing the smart streetlight that:

  • Generates its own power!
  • Turn street lights from a cost-center into a profit-center!
  • Operates off-the-grid, or with on-grid power as a backup!
  • Provides optional modules that feature:
    • Wi-Fi and cellular networking services! 
    • 360-degree live video cameras! 
    • Gun-shot detection with location triangulation! 
    • Smoke / Carbon detection! 
    • Weather station with air quality monitoring! 
    • Drone charging stations with landing pads! 
    • Communication with methane gas sensors in manholes, etc.! 
    • EV charging services and more! 
  • Optimizes lighting conditions, contributing to “Vision Zero” lighting for roads
  • and highways enhancing visibility! 
  • Offers versatile installation options:  
    • Retrofits on existing streetlights or on new streetlights! 
    • Provides light and green electricity anywhere without electrical wiring! 
  • Offers custom options and services to meet the needs of: 
    • Utilities, City / Local Governments & Transportation Departments 
    • Developers & Indian Tribal Council Grounds and Casinos 
    • Industrial, Commercial, Residential & Recreational Parks and Grounds 
    • Schools, College Campuses, any Parking Lots & more 

“This is an exciting milestone for Oregon,” said Bill Gibbons, iLamp Oregon CEO. 

“The opportunity to bring our state-of-the-art technology to the entire State of Oregon is a testament to the confidence in our vision for smart, safe, reliable, and affordable renewable energy solutions. This is also a big step forward in meeting the challenges posed by House Bill 2021 and achieving 100% clean energy by 2040.” 

Full implementation of the territory promises to stimulate the local Oregon economy by creating jobs in various areas, including manufacturing, assembly, installation, maintenance and management of iLamp street-lights and micro-grid systems. 

About iLamp Oregon: 

iLamp Oregon is a leading green technology company focused on developing and implementing smart LED streetlight systems that create their own power. 

Our vision is to provide uncompromising integrity, environmental stewardship, continuous research and emerging green technologies for our customers and partners who are searching for reliable, safe, and affordable renewable energy solutions. 

Please visit our website at: 

or call Bill Gibbons at 360-600-1658 

for more information. 

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3006 NE 43rd St.  

Vancouver, WA 98663 

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