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Chongqing– Wuhan Kotei Informatics Co., Ltd. is ready to explore the new economy model in Chongqing. It has recently set its national headquarters in Chongqing Xiantao International Big Data Valley.

After Shanghai Zhuishi Technology Autonomous Driving Research Institute, a key enterprise in China’s autonomous driving field, was based in the Valley in January this year, Katie’s choice is another big move to the valley, as it is the leading intelligent connected vehicles software company in China.

The two-square-kilometer valley is home to more than 30 enterprises, such as Changan Software, Guangdong Beidou Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd., Thundersoft, Black Seasame Technologies. But why do they choose the valley?

Intelligent Transformation

In recent years, the trend of software-defined cars has penetrated the automotive value chain. Intelligent transformation in the automotive industry has accelerated around the world. China’s smart cars enterprises have risen rapidly to get ahead.

Chongqing is a major automobile manufacturing city in China. Now it has 41 automobile manufacturers. And it has formed an industrial cluster led by Changan Automobile and supported by thousands of enterprises.

To this end, Changan Automobile took the lead in setting up its global software center in the valley, aiming to build the largest software technology and intelligent mobile platform in China.

Changan Automobile’s global software center has become the first independent software enterprise set by a large state-owned car enterprise in China. This remarks as a significant move in the intelligent transformation of Chongqing’s automobile industry.

R&D base of 10,000 people

In September 2021, the valley launched China’s first 10,000 research and development (R&D) personnel automotive software industry base. In six months, it has attracted over 800 automotive software engineers to join Changan Software. And more than 90% of them are R&D personnel.

The smooth growth of Changan Software has accelerated the gathering of smart car segment companies such as BDStar Navigation to move to the valley.

BDStar Navigation is the first listed company in China’s satellite navigation industry. It established Omo Software in the valley last year as the headquarters of its automotive intelligent network software, focusing on automotive software, intelligent driving, and vehicle OTA upgrades. At present, it is committed to improving the level of intelligence for Changan Automobile.

Good business environment

For target enterprises, the valley will develop a recruitment plan for each enterprise, and create a good business environment with responsible services, so that enterprises are willing to come and develop well in the valley.

“To develop the business as soon as possible and provide better services to local customers, we are expected to recruit 100-120 people this year,” said Yu Mengmeng, deputy general manager of Zhuishi Technology.

In response to the needs like Zhuishi, the valley has connected with local universities and institutions such as Chongqing University, Xiantao Big Data Academy, etc., to deliver and foster artificial intelligence algorithm engineers for enterprises.

Unique advantages

As Chongqing’s first comprehensive software park, the valley has welcomed 12 of China’s top 100 software companies to settle in, including Tencent, ByteDance, and Huawei, as well as over 1,300 innovative companies.

In 2021, the valley became the only industrial park as a national demonstration base for new industrialized industries in software and information services.

On top of that, the valley has the first 5G autonomous driving road operation base in China, the intelligent hardware testing base of The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), and the intelligent vehicle collaborative innovation platform. Those facilities have resulted in a better public platform.

“At present, the Valley has gathered more than 3,000 high-end R&D personnel of automotive software, and the production of the intelligent automobile vehicle has exceeded 5 million,” said Wang Tanglu, deputy general manager of the valley.

“The Valley has gradually formed a software industry involving leading enterprises, public platforms, industrial applications, talent cultivation, and innovation incubation,” Wang added.

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