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It’s your last chance to win a Lambo in MrBeast’s contest

It’s your last chance to win a Lambo in MrBeast’s contest

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TL;DR: An entry to MrBeast + MSCHF’s Everyone Gets A Car sweepstakes is just $35 as of Jan. 8. You can get three entries for $99 (that’s 5% off) or a five-pack for $158 (9% off) until Jan. 10, when the contest ends.

MrBeast likes to add shock value to just about everything he does, so it makes sense that he set out to gift everyone a Lambo for just $35. No matter what, you’re going to go home with something when you opt in to this contest. You just don’t know exactly what type of Lambo you’ll end up with. But that’s part of the fun, right? 

MrBeast — a.k.a., Jimmy Donaldson — teamed up with MSCHF to follow in Oprah’s footsteps and give everyone a car. We featured this crazy sweepstakes last month, but it’s about to come to an end, so this is your last shot to join in the fun.

When you pay $35, you’re guaranteed to get — at the very least — a dope collectible Lambo that’s 1/64th the scale of the real thing. The cast-iron toy is made to look exactly like the drivable Lambo in question, so you’ll get a great display car or toy to gift to someone in your family. But the real fun kicks in when you realize that yes, you could actually win a real Lamborghini.

One lucky winner will receive a Lamborghini Aventador Coupe that’s worth $250k and is pre-owned. Another four winners will each receive pre-owned Lamborghini Gallardos worth $100k each. Around 250 winners will receive a kid-sized battery-powered rideable Lambo. (Think Barbie dream car from the ’90s, but upgraded to ride in serious style.) And finally, 2,500 winners will secure a remote-controlled Lambo that’s 1/24th the size of the real thing. And yes, all of the winners and every entry will go home with the aforementioned collectible Lambo car, so no one will go home empty-handed.

You can purchase one entry for just $35, three entries for just $99 (a savings of 5%), and on and on. Whatever you choose, do it fast — the sweepstakes ends on Jan. 10.

 Prices subject to change.

Credit: MSCHF

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