Jacob Electric; U.S Electric Contractor company enters Nigeria market

Jacob Electric, an electrical contractor company which began in and has its head office in Seattle, Washington; with branches in the UK and UAE, has officially launched into Nigeria with operations in Abuja.

Born in US, Jacob Electric provides quality electrical services for both residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Their vision for Africa is to train electricians and ensure they follow the required code of conduct in their countries; and thereafter assist trained and experienced electricians to secure regular jobs revenue with the aid of their technology platform.

It is common knowledge that unqualified and untrained individuals purport to be experienced electricians in Nigeria and their incompetence and below par services in wiring homes and commercial building in the country results in compounding the erratic power supplies problems in the country.

Jacob Electric is well-positioned to support the burgeoning ecommerce landscape in the country.

They know that it has never been more crucial to hire the correct electrical contractor for projects, their expansion into Nigeria aims to be a change agent in the industry by combating the issues of untrained and unqualified individuals posing as experienced electricians in Nigeria,

These factors will enable Jacob Electric to help improve overall delivery experience and meet or even exceed customer expectations by providing best-in-class customer services for clients in Nigeria.

Jacob Electric is confident that Nigeria will remain a key market for the business going forward, Folabi Obembe, the company director of Operations, said: “We have solid plans for what we want to achieve in 2021 and our launch into Nigeria plays a big part into this. We aim to continue growing at rapid pace into next year and will invest in our technology and our people to ensure we are ahead of the curve.”

Jacob Electric believes in building collaborative partnerships to make their delivery network agile, investing in effective technologies to boost productivity, build better customer experiences and, most importantly, bring in the ‘customer obsession’ spirit to the country.

Jacob Electric is investing in a local team in Nigeria, hiring exceptional local talent to ensure the best team is in place.

Ultimately, Jacob Electric seeks to enhance cross-border quality services and their launch into Abuja presents an opportunity to bring customers in Nigeria other regions even closer in the coming years.

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