JBF Consulting and Metafora Partner Up to Meet the Needs of the Blurring Line Between Shippers and 3PLs

JBF Consulting and Metafora Partner Up to Meet the Needs of the Blurring Line Between Shippers and 3PLs

CHICAGO, Jan. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Metafora + JBF Consulting are partnering up to deliver smart TMS solutions across the shipper and 3PL world.

JBF Consulting’s laser-focused methodology to select, implement, and supplement TMS’s for shippers is now complemented by Metafora to support the brokerage and asset arms of vertically integrated clients. 

Brad Forester, managing partner and founder of JBF Consulting says, “With the recent surge in private fleet shippers looking to maximize utilization and find margin – many are implementing strategies to become for-hire carriers, and in some cases building in-house brokerage capabilities. This unique area of shipper-operator overlap presents distinct vendor selection and system design challenges that will stress even the biggest global consultancies. Working together, JBF Consulting and Metafora can provide an unmatched capability to this market in a highly synergistic way.”

Peter Rentschler, CEO of Metafora adds, “Brad and the team at JBF Consulting have built a world class supply chain consultancy that perfectly compliments our experience working with the top transportation and logistics providers. Their intimate knowledge of TMS implementations and freight best practices are second to none. This is a partnership where 1+1=3.”

As shippers creep into the logistics services space, there is now a TMS selection solution for them. For more information on this topic, check out this episode of The Extra Mile Podcast by Metafora.

About Metafora

Metafora, previously “CarrierDirect”, is a business consulting and software development firm that exclusively serves the transportation, logistics, and supply chain space. Metafora partners with carriers, shippers, and freight tech vendors to help them optimize their business and build software to fuel their growth. Metafora+ is their partnership network for the thinkers, the leaders, the innovators in the logistics space.

About JBF Consulting

Since 2003, JBF Consulting has been helping shippers of all sizes, across many industries, select, implement, and squeeze as much value as possible out of their logistics systems. Their leadership team has over 70 years of logistics and TMS implementation experience. Because they operate in a niche — they are not all things to all people — Their team members have a very specialized skill set: logistics operations experience + transportation technology + communication and problem-solving skills + a bunch of other cool stuff.

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