Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac act their socks off in trailer for ‘Scenes from a Marriage’

Remember how good Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac were in A Most Violent Year? Want to see them together on-screen again? Buckle up, because the trailer for HBO’s Scenes from a Marriage is here to scratch your Chastain-Isaac itch and also probably make you cry.

A modern adaptation of Ingmar Bergman’s classic 1973 series, Scenes from a Marriage examines the marriage between Mira (Chastain) and Jonathan (Isaac). The five-part limited series follows this couple throughout their complex relationship, tackling their love (and sometimes hatred) for each other over a series of intimate conversations between the two.

Scenes from a Marriage premieres on HBO on September 12, 9 p.m. ET, with new episodes airing every week.

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