Kasasa Launches National PSA Campaign with Comedian, TikTok, and YouTube Star Trey Kennedy

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“You’re Not as Local as You Think” aims to raise awareness of banking locally and shines a light on the role community banks and credit unions play in a thriving economy

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AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kasasa, an award-winning financial technology and marketing provider, today debuted a national public service announcement with comedian, actor, and singer Trey Kennedy. The campaign aims to highlight the importance of banking locally and Kasasa’s mission to help keep local economies strong by offering financial products people love exclusively at community banks and credit unions.  

Known for his comedic YouTube and TikTok videos that parody real-life characterizations of human nature, Trey Kennedy portrays two characters in the new PSA video with Kasasa – an over-the-top young professional that “does everything local” and a personified PSA announcer. The characters provide a comical exchange in conversation, ultimately leading Trey to explore banking locally.   

While spending money in local communities by eating and shopping locally is important, there is a lack of awareness around how consequential banking locally is to the local economy. The PSA emphasizes why one should bank with a community bank or credit union to keep money in the local economy, where it can do more good. The PSA is available to watch at Kasasa.com.

“It was fun to partner with Kasasa to bring such an unexpected public service announcement to life. I didn’t know the importance and effects of banking locally until I was able to learn about their impact,” said Trey Kennedy. “It’s time we flip misconceptions about how banking is done today and think smarter about where our money is going to serve a larger purpose. Kasasa helped me find a community financial institution in my hometown of Kansas City so my money can stay local and do more good.” 

Community banks and credit unions are well known for their dedication to connecting with people in their communities, but most people don’t think they can deliver the innovative products and seamless technology they have come to expect from megabanks, neobanks, and other fintechs. This awareness campaign brings that misconception to light while reinforcing that community banks and credit unions invest back into the local communities they serve.  

“By shining a light on local community banks and credit unions, we’re inviting people to put their money where their heart is: at home. By banking locally, we create a world where the people in ‘power’ are local, and they use that power in a way that supports the financial ecosystem of a local community – and more importantly the real people within it,” said Gabe Krajicek, CEO of Kasasa. “Our mission is to help local financial institutions strengthen the human connection they have with the people they serve. We do that by creating awesome banking products and by helping get the word out about the awesome community banks and credit unions that offer them. When we do our job, we help people support their local economies by banking locally with a partner that has their best interest at heart.”  

Kasasa serves over 700 community financial institutions nationwide, representing over 3 million consumer bank accounts across 3,400+ branches in all 50 states. Kasasa provides marketing, technology, and financial products people love and offers them exclusively at community banks and credit unions to keep money in the local economy. Since 2003, Kasasa financial institutions have given back $2.7 billion in rewards to Kasasa account holders.  

“It’s time to understand the power behind your financial choices and be a part of a movement to use your money to do more good in your community,” said Kennedy. “Be proud of your money. Bank local.”  

To learn more about Kasasa, visit Kasasa.com, or on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook

About Kasasa 

Based in Austin,Texas, Kasasa® promotes community banks and credit unions and inspires people to bank locally, so they can be proud of their money and do more good. An award-winning fintech and marketing services company, Kasasa provides reward checking accounts people love, the first-ever loan with Take-Backs, relationship-powered referral programs, and ongoing expert consulting services to community financial institutions. For more information, visit www.kasasa.com, InstagramFacebook, or LinkedIn

About Trey Kennedy 

Trey Kennedy is a one-man show, who can play all the characters he needs for his comedic shorts – including his spot-on impressions of girls, middle schoolers, and parents. He’s developed branded content for EA, PGA, Bud Lite, and more with a reputation for seamless branded integrations and a family-friendly comedy style.  


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