Kathairos Solutions launches industry-leading Carbon Offsets App

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The Kathairos App allows oil and gas producers to maximize the value of their emission reduction efforts, while simplifying carbon trading in Alberta and beyond

CALGARY, AB, March 8, 2023 /CNW/ – As oil and gas producers pursue ambitious decarbonization goals, accurate and robust emissions data is increasingly demanded by investors, governments and regulators alike. 

The Kathairos App allows oil and gas producers to quantify abated emissions, while generating valuable carbon credits.

Likewise, today’s leading energy organizations know the importance of tracking actual mitigated emissions to evaluate and optimize their investments and realize imperative economic and environmental targets. 

Available for both Android and iOS, the Kathairos App tracks all of this and more, enabling the most accurate, accessible and seamless emissions abatement reporting and carbon accounting possible. 

Carbon credits made simple.

Emission offsets, commonly referred to as carbon credits, are produced when greenhouse gas emissions are reduced beyond the regulatory requirement in a given jurisdiction. 

One emission offset is generated for every tonne of CO2e (‘carbon dioxide equivalent’) avoided. These offsets can then be used or purchased for compliance purposes by emitters who exceed their regulated emissions allowance, making them highly valuable entities. 

In Canada, the 2023 price on carbon is $65/tonne, rising $15 per year until it reaches $170/tonne in 2030. As the carbon price increases, so too does the value and demand for verified offsets. 

Hardware meets software.

As a Calgary-based clean tech leader, Kathairos is honoured to provide the most effective and economical field-level technology, while also serving as a go-to carbon accounting firm.

When utilizing Kathairos’ proprietary solution for eliminating methane venting from oil and gas well sites using nitrogen, producers can simultaneously translate their CO2 elimination efforts into serialized offset credits, to be sold or used in Alberta’s compliance market. 

Carbon credit calculation.

While Kathairos’ in-house carbon accounting team manages the quantification and serialization of an offset-generating project, the Kathairos App grants immediate insight into the market value of offset credits in real time. 


At Kathairos, our name means ‘clean air.’ We are proud to champion imperative solutions that support today’s evolving energy industry, and the people and producers working tirelessly toward a cleaner, greener barrel. Through our revolutionary liquid nitrogen-powered field technologies and world-class carbon accounting and reporting tools, we’re on a mission to eliminate methane emissions from more than 400,000 remote well sites across Canada and the US. Learn more at kathairos.com.

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