KT SAT unveils its new brand of maritime satellite communication targeting South East Asia market

KT SAT unveils its new brand of maritime satellite communication targeting South East Asia market

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KT SAT(, the leading provider of satellite communication service in South Korea unveils its new maritime brand “XWAVE” that stands for the company’s vision of expanding the global market to South East Asia. The brand “XWAVE” reflects the meaning of ‘Express’ and ‘Wave’ having been developed under the willingness of KT SAT that it will provide outstanding maritime communication with the most reliable service quality.

Maritime VSAT is the end-to-end maritime connectivity service with an unlimited high-speed network. Especially Regional MVSAT has been beloved by many customers with its high quality and stable connectivity by using a dedicated Ku-band communication network from the KOREASAT fleet. Based on its extensive experience in the satellite business, KT SAT will keep expanding its market to South East Asia by maintaining the top position in the domestic market at the same time.

KT SAT has prepared the service quality in order to provide more stable and faster connectivity to customers with a deep understanding of their needs for adopting smart ships. This launch of the new maritime brand also reflects the mission of KT SAT to meet customers’ need for extensive service coverage and unlimited data communication in the mobility era.

Due to the launch of its maritime brand, KT SAT managed to expand and strengthen the coverage of R-MVSAT. With this improvement in service coverage, KT SAT now can embrace a total of 40 percent of the growing demand in global maritime data communication from the Bay of Bengal, Indonesia, and the West Sea of Australia to the Indian Ocean. KT SAT also accomplished to distinguished advance in service quality by migrating traditional L-band MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) which is a pay-as-you-go service to the unlimited high-speed network (2Mpbs+). KT SAT CEO, Kyung min Song said “South East Asia is a new market for KT SAT which has a great potential to grow 27.5% annually. We will keep developing incomparable value-added services which could support work efficiency as well as secure operation in vessels using our innovative ICT technology”.

Both Vessellink and Live TV are the most representative services of KT SAT. Vessellink supports not only efficiency in operation but also intelligent monitoring of vessels through automatic vessel data analysis. Live TV, the world’s first real-time broadcasting service launched in July, 2021 is also expected to give a lot of joy to crews by providing various cultural content like Korean dramas and K-Pop programs.


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