LawCity.Com Launches the First Legal District in the Metaverse

LawCity.Com is the starting point for finding legal help and services in the metaverse

CHERRY HILL, N.J., April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — LawCity.Com proudly announces the development of the first legal district in the metaverse with the building of its first towers in, Decentraland. LawCity.Com is a company focused on providing a world of boundless possibilities and boundless opportunities for finding legal help and solutions in and related to the metaverse. A community of pioneers in the legal industry is gathering to create a starting point for every avatar’s legal journey into the metaverse.

LawCity.Com’s opening of the LawCity.Com Towers provides a turnkey solution for law-related companies interested in opening a metaverse office. The “LawCity.Com Legal Directory to the Metaverse” will provide resources for anyone searching for law-related services in the metaverse.

“LawCity.Com was created to provide access to the law through another channel of communication,” said Richard Grungo, Jr., a founder of “We realized we could create a ‘legal town square’ in the metaverse where law firms and law-related companies could establish their metaverse presence and where prospective clients could visit to learn about their legal issues and perhaps find assistance with those issues.” has already constructed and leased portions of two towers, the LawCity.Com Unitas Tower and the LawCity.Com Veritas Tower. A third tower is planned—the LawCity.Com Caritas Tower. The Caritas Tower will be dedicated and donated to law-related charities and legal aid services.

“ is focused on helping charitable organizations enter this new world, and to capitalize on this new avenue of exposure and fundraising so they can continue making a difference in the lives of people they serve,” added Grungo.

At LawCity.Com, law-related companies interested in establishing a metaverse office could have theirs built out within 24 hours of joining. Currently, there are two options for office space: a “prime anchor space” or a “branded office.” Both office types include a branded room, access to LawCity.Com events, event space for use, and a listing in the Legal Directory to the Metaverse.

“We believe LawCity.Com will increase the rate at which law-related companies establish their metaverse offices, and the rate at which prospective legal clients seek out services in the metaverse,” said William A. Colarulo, Jr., a founding partner at LawCity.Com. “By providing companies a turnkey solution for opening their metaverse offices, and creating what is essentially the first legal search engine in the metaverse, we believe LawCity.Com and its legal district concept will provide law-related companies boundless possibilities for building their presence in the metaverse—and will provide people in need of legal assistance with another avenue for finding help.”

The co-founders of LawCity.Com are the co-founders of Grungo Colarulo, LLC, the New Jersey-based law firm that in December 2021 opened what is believed to be the first personal injury law firm office in the metaverse, as well the first wrongful death, catastrophic injury, nursing home abuse and neglect, employment discrimination, workers’ compensation, and sexual abuse law firm office in the metaverse. Co-founder Richard Grungo, Jr., has been recognized as a digital pioneer in the legal industry by numerous media outlets, including the ABA Journal, Fortune, Law360, Legaltech News, and The American Lawyer.

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About LawCity.Com is subsidiary of Metaverse Productions, LLC a vertically integrated NFT-based metaverse company. The company intends to continue to purchase, develop, and rent out its portfolio of locations to the legal industry. The company will expand beyond Decentraland and provide access points in all metaverses, and is focused on providing a simple and secure way for law-related services and charities to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies linked to DeFi and NFTs. As the first legal district and the legal search engine in the metaverse, will be the starting point for every avatar’s legal journey in the metaverse.

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