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Levoit air purifiers on sale: Save up to $20

Levoit air purifiers on sale: Save up to $20

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Ready to breathe in some cleaner air? Check out these Levoit air purifiers on sale at Amazon as of Aug. 31:

OUR TOP PICK: Levoit Core 400S — Save $20

BEST FOR BEDROOMS: Levoit Core 200S — Save $10

BEST BUDGET PICK: Levoit Vital 100 — Save $15

The seasons are changing, which means the air will get a little cooler, the leaves a little crunchier, and your allergies a little worse. Although we’re saying goodbye to pollination szn, fall breezes still carry their fair share of allergens. Plus, spending more time inside means spending more time amongst the dust mites and pet dander. Fear not — with an air purifier, you can find some relief from it all.

As of Aug. 31, Amazon is offering savings on a slew of Levoit’s air purifiers, which we are historically fans of thanks to their effectiveness and reliability. These air purifiers not only make your air cleaner to breathe, but they can also keep odors at bay for those who are more scent-sensitive (I stand in solidarity with those who have to keep a litter box in their bedroom).

Whether you need a purifier for big spaces, small spaces, or are simply looking for another smart device to add to your arsenal, you can check out all of Levoit’s sale offerings on Amazon and snag one (or two) or of our fave picks from below:

OUR TOP PICK: Levoit Core 400S — $199.99 with coupon

Look, we get this isn’t the cheapest air purifier on the market, but it can cover over 400 square feet and it has smart capabilities. With the integrated app, you can check air quality from anywhere (yes, even outside your home), adjust and control your purifier remotely, and schedule and set timers. Alexa or Google Assistant allows you to control this purifier with your voice, and for the times air cleanliness isn’t the first thing on your mind, the auto mode will scan the environment and adjust your purifier’s settings accordingly.

Credit: Levoit

If you’re looking for a purifier for your bedroom since it is the place you might now work/sleep/spend most of your waking hours, this Core 200s will be your best bet. It’s designed for spaces that are about 180 square feet. It also comes with all the smart capabilities of the larger 400S but at less than half the price, though again, it covers a little less ground. Along with a quiet night mode that purifies your air without disrupting your sleep, this is a great purifier to live in your bedroom 24/7.

Save $10 at Amazon

Credit: Levoit

If you’re fine without a smart purifier and want something that’s versatile and affordable, the Vital 100 is going to be your go-to. Unlike its cylindrical counterparts, the shape of this purifier allows you to place it into any corner or spot so it blends seamlessly into a room. Don’t let the sleek design fool you — this bad boy can cover a space of up to 500 square feet, making it a great find for the price. It’s also quiet, so you can place it in a bedroom, living room, office, or any other room in your home.

Save $15 at Amazon

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