LifeBrand Adds Devon Preparatory School to Their Client Portfolio, Expanding Reach in the Education Sector

LifeBrand Adds Devon Preparatory School to Their Client Portfolio, Expanding Reach in the Education Sector

WEST CHESTER, Pa., March 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LifeBrand has added Devon Preparatory School to its growing client portfolio, marking the first of its kind between the enterprising social media tech startup and private educational institution. Devon Prep, the private, Catholic prep school for boys grades six to twelve, will offer LifeBrand’s social media audit and management technology to their student body as a voluntary benefit covered by tuition and as an employee benefit for their faculty.

Using artificial intelligence, LifeBrand’s technology safely connects to a user’s social media and quickly identifies any posts that contain potentially harmful content and gives the user the opportunity to edit or remove the posts in question.

The leadership at the Chester County, PA-based preparatory school sees LifeBrand’s technology as a way to both protect their students from the pitfalls of harmful social media content while also providing a valuable educational resource as they learn about building a positive personal brand both on and offline.

¬†“Institutional decisions at Devon Prep are rooted in our Mission, which is centered around a holistic education of young men for life,” said Patrick Kane, Director of External Operations for Devon Preparatory School. “It’s about the journey, and the journey isn’t intended to be perfect. We teach our students that growth can come from failure. But when it comes to online behavior, the world is not forgiving.”

With social media usage continuing to gain momentum, and most colleges and hiring managers considering a candidates’ social media as part of their decision-making process, the leadership at Devon Prep saw an opportunity to leverage LifeBrand to better set students up for success.¬†

“Particularly in the last two years, kids have lived the majority of their lives through screens and online, relying upon social media to connect with those around them given the inability to do so in-person,” added Kane. “As such, the focus on social media – and the importance of it in our students’ lives – has never been higher. But while they know how to use social media, do they truly understand the impact of what they post?”

Using LifeBrand, students can better understand their social media impact and make positive change. While it may be too much to expect 11-to-18-year-old boys to possess the maturity and knowledge to comprehend the repercussions of decisions made at that age, by leveraging LifeBrand’s technology they can achieve better awareness and perspective along with an opportunity to not just safeguard, but also elevate their online reputations.

“Devon Prep is forward thinking and has the best interest of their students and their futures in mind,” said Thomas J. Colaiezzi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LifeBrand. “They understand the power, impact and influence of social media on young people and that LifeBrand’s technology can help students so that their social media can mature along with them as they continue to learn and grow.”

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LifeBrand¬†believes in the value of a strong personal brand on social media. LifeBrand has and will continue to develop the most advanced technology to detect and remove potentially harmful content from users’ social media pages with secure AI-powered solutions for both individuals and businesses. With their patent-pending FCRA and EEOC compliant technology, they have built a safer, more compliant way to perform social media health checks and risk mitigation to protect the privacy and rights of employees and employers, and also provide a secure way for individuals to scan and analyze their social media accounts from the point of inception with a simple click.

ABOUT Devon Preparatory School:

Devon Prep is a private, Catholic prep school, grades six through twelve focused on the holistic education of young men for life. It’s our job to prepare our students for the world ahead, and it is an ever-changing world.

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