LOLLIPOP Looks To Break Barriers With DeFi x NFT Marketplace

SINGAPORE, Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LOLLIPOP, a non-profit decentralised autonomous organisation aimed at creating a more accessible and seamless environment for all users to utilise these NFT markets, has today announced its plans to introduce more user-centric features to its Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

Max Cohen, FinTech Strategy Advisor of LOLLIPOP

Since the rise of blockchain technology and NFT, several players have entered the market to earn monetary and financial gains. This prominent attitude has rendered user experience and innovation secondary. Now with the industry facing a period of change, it is clear that technologies like blockchain, DeFi, and smart contracts will bring about unprecedented developments to Web3. 

LOLLIPOP Focuses on Users

Cumbersome registration and transaction fees have always been one of the main barriers faced by general users when using crypto products. LOLLIPOP’s main objective is to break this barrier and make the platform as user-friendly as possible.

The focus on monetary gain has led to companies neglecting the main purpose of innovation – to benefit society. The real worth of an innovative product is when it can be used without difficulty by the general mass. Optimising the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) to make the users’ lives easier has always been on the lookout for LOLLIPOP, even if that means looking outside of the industry for inspiration.

“To create a world where the metaverse is accessible to everyone, it is imperative to build a user-friendly NFT marketplace for the entire population, not just engineers and the tech savvy.” shares Max Cohen, FinTech Strategy Advisor of LOLLIPOP. This vision aligns with Max’s personal vision, making it a core reason for him joining the LOLLIPOP as one of its Innovators.


LOLLIPOP began the year with the launch of its Decentralised Finance service. The service allows users to trade LOLLIPOP’s utility token – LPOP, as well as stake and auction it.

Through staking, users can hold tokens, not unlike a locked deposit with banks, to gain rewards over a fixed period of time. LOLLIPOP holders have empirically enjoyed exponentially high-interest rates so far. Auctions have also allowed users to buy tokens at discounted prices. Interestingly, LOLLIPOP also offers an AirDrop function using which users can post and social media (Twitter) and earn rewards.

With a strong focus on improving UX and UI, LOLLIPOP is looking to roll out a number of new features over the next few years. Coming soonest is the farming feature which would take advantage of the rise in popularity of gamification. Through this, users will be able to ‘farm’ tokens and earn high rewards.

LOLLIPOP believes in creating a solution that not only provides monetary value, but also emotional and social value. Max added further, “Our hunt for value creation is what led us to work towards creating a DeFi x NFT Interoperability Marketplace, where even new users can thrive.”


LOLLIPOP is a new DeFi x NFT project aimed at providing users and creators of NFTs to exchange digital currencies freely on a cross-chain NFT marketplace. The platform seeks to provide the ultimate solutions for the creation, distribution, and management of NFTs.The team consists of engineers, researchers, and other members based in different parts of the world who share a common vision.

Through their efforts, LOLLIPOP aims to integrate the disparate NFT markets around the world to create a more accessible and seamless environment for all users to utilise these NFT markets, the project hopes to draw on its knowledge and expertise to transform today’s new, chaotic world into a world where the rights of everyone can be safeguarded.


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