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Looking for a deal on wireless earbuds? This JBL pair is $120 off.

Looking for a deal on wireless earbuds? This JBL pair is $120 off.

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

SAVE $120: As of Dec. 9, the JBL Club Pro Plus earbuds are only $79.95 — $120 off their usual price. If you’ve been searching for a pair of true wireless earbuds with noise cancellation and solid sound to boot, this deal is hard to beat.

There’s probably someone on your list who asked for a pair of wireless earbuds this holiday season (even if that person is you). Chances are even better that you’re already overwhelmed by the seemingly endless choices on the market. But it really comes down to a few basic factors: brand, price, and features. If you want a pair that checks all the right boxes, these JBL Club Pro Plus earbuds are worth a second look.

As of Dec. 9, the JBL Club Pro Plus are on sale for just $79.95 at Walmart. They’re typically $199.99, but just in time for the holidays, you can take $120 off and get them for their lowest price on the web. You can also find the same deal at Amazon.

These headphones’ adaptive noise cancellation feature only lets in the amount of surrounding sound you desire. If you’re on an airplane near a crying baby, you can activate the noise cancellation tech to drown it out. If you’re out for a jog, you can keep ambient noise on to stay in touch with the world around you. There’s even TalkThru technology that allows you to have a conversation in real life without taking out your earbuds.

Thanks to Dual Connect + Sync, you can pair the JBL Club Pro Plus earbuds to your device when you flip open the case. Then simply play your favorite tunes or just tap the JBL logo on the side to tell Google or Amazon Alexa what you want to do. With an eight-hour charge and three times more from the case, you can listen to the longest podcast on your playlist, answer calls, and dive deep into the catalog of your favorite band without losing juice. Just 10 minutes in the charging case will get you an extra hour of power, too.

Anyone hoping to find a pair of wireless earbuds under the tree this season would be overjoyed by the JBL Club Pro Plus. And you’ll be overjoyed knowing you saved $120 to put them there.

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