Los Gatos High School sophomore Jordan Chan drew on her personal experience over the past year to develop her speech on the pros and cons of distance learning for the 84th annual Student Speakers Contest hosted by the California Lions Clubs earlier this month.

Chan’s views on the subject were articulated well enough to earn her first place in the contest’s club and zone levels. She went on to compete at the regional level of the Lions’ Multiple District 4 contest with the help of her English and debate teacher Zachery Davison-Wilson, who helps his students each year to participate.

Jordan’s speech at the club level was judged by, Los Gatos Vice Mayor Robert Rennie; Catherine Somers, executive director of the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce; and journalist Judy Peterson.

Los Gatos Lions Club President Clyde Nunes said he was impressed by the expression and creativity of Jordan’s presentation, “I’m so proud that our club is able to provide local high school students an opportunity to share their views and compete for cash awards and scholarships,” Nunes added.

The California Lions Clubs’ Multiple District 4 designed the contest to give students from all over the state the opportunity to develop skills in critical thinking, public speaking and presentation.

At the local level, Denise Ramón Herrera and Carol Musser acted as co-chairs of the Los Gatos Lions Club Student Speakers Contest.


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