Make sexy-time last longer with the MYHIXEL device and training app

If diving back into the dating scene after a year of isolation makes you want to run and hide, you’re not alone. In addition to the usual dating jitters, social anxiety is wreaking havoc on everyone — and especially on guys with premature ejaculation issues.

The trick to curing your PE isn’t to get off the apps, though — it’s to learn how to make it better when you get off, period. This is where MYHIXEL comes into play. The MYHIXEL I is an FDA-registered device that mimics real-life intercourse. You use it for wanking, yes, but pair the device with the MYHIXEL Play app and it becomes a full-on science-based program to help you control your climax and last longer. Does it really work? Unlike many PE gadgets and apps, MYHIXEL puts their medical research out there. So, yes, this pleasure-filled incremental strategy can boost your confidence as you track your progress — and that sure doesn’t suck. Here’s how it works.

The coolest-looking sexual device ever


The MYHIXEL I is a nicely designed pleasure device that uses cutting-edge technology, therapeutic vibrations, and a self-heating system to feel like the real thing. It’s fun by itself, but the therapy starts when used with the app.

The app shoots you to the moon


MYHIXEL Play has targeted activities to help you identify your pelvic muscles and delay the trigger reflex for ejaculation. The app presents the activities as a space game, which is strangely brilliant. It also offers support from online sexual health professionals, if you want it.

Pick a training program and stick to it


The Play app comes in two modes: TR and MED. MYHIXEL TR is for guys who want to improve their ejaculatory control and want to take their sexy time to the next level. MYHIXEL MED is for men who are clinically diagnosed with PE or have always struggled to make sex last.

Get the MYHIXEL device and training app today for sexual wellness


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