KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Huawei Cloud Summit Malaysia 2023, held on Day 2 of the Malaysia ICT Summit 2023 gathered enterprise leaders and ICT professionals to explore how Malaysian enterprises can harness the power of cloud computing, big data, and AI to turbocharge transformation and sustainable growth.

With the theme “Take a Cloud Leap”, this year’s Summit invited organisations from all sectors to embrace innovation and boldly explore uncharted territories. The Summit is a timely initiative as Malaysia’s digital transformation has become a key imperative for the Malaysian government.

Few technologies have made a more profound impact than the recent global surge in cloud computing. In this context, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Mr Simon Sun underlined that Huawei Cloud stands as an emblem of innovation, providing a comprehensive array of cloud services and solutions that are reshaping the global landscape.

“It’s all about pushing the limits of what can be achieved in the cloud, daring to dream bigger, and challenging the established norms,” he emphasised during his welcome speech.

Simon Sun, CEO of Huawei Malaysia, extends a warm welcome to attendees at the Huawei Cloud Summit 2023

YBhg. Datuk Ts. Dr. Haji Aminuddin bin Hassim, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) highlighted Malaysia’s long-standing vision for a fully connected and digital future. The commitment to make Malaysia one of the world’s top 30 most innovative countries by 2030 will yield significant benefits, including higher incomes, increased job opportunities, improved job quality, and an overall enhanced quality of life for Malaysians.

YBhg. Datuk Ts. Dr. Haji Aminuddin bin Hassim, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI), sheds light on Malaysia's continuous digitalisation journey

During his opening address, he said: “One of the similarities in all these emerging technologies roadmaps is the application of the cloud infrastructure to support and accelerate the action plan and initiatives. For example, in the blockchain and AI initiative is the establishment of a consolidated platform to support the technology innovation across the quadruple helix players.”

Cloud Technology and Generative AI as the Linchpin of Digital Success

Mr Andy Wei, Vice President of Huawei Malaysia Cloud Business Unit shared that cloud technology is the linchpin of digital success and that organisations in Malaysia can jump-start their digital transformation journey effectively by tapping into Huawei’s global resources and expertise.

Andy Wei, Vice President of Huawei Malaysia, Cloud Business Unit, discusses Huawei Cloud's pivotal role in empowering digital Malaysia

“Digitalisation does not have to start from scratch,” he stressed. He highlighted Huawei Cloud’s impressive global presence and robust infrastructure; one of the region’s fastest-growing with a 20-fold jump in just four years; that includes 30 regions, 84 availability zones, and service coverage in over 170 countries.

Speakers who were also present at the session to share insights on the power and potential of cloud computing across industries included Credence (TM Group’s cloud and digital services company), Sunway Group, Tune Protect, and XRender.

Generative AI also emerged as a major focal point at the event, sparking discussions about its transformative potential across industries and underscoring the urgency for organisations to incorporate it into their strategies to maintain competitiveness and drive innovation.

“Never before have we experienced such global excitement about AI, especially about ChatGPT and large models. Indeed, AI has entered every aspect of our society. But how can we leverage the full potential of AI and accelerate the industry transformation? It is still a challenge,” said Mr Wei.

Andy Wei announces the availability and advantages of Huawei's Pangu Models, revolutionising industry innovations

To help businesses rise to the challenge, Huawei Cloud launched Pangu Models 3.0 at the Huawei Developer Cloud 2023 event this year. A system of large, pre-trained models that can be quickly adapted to downstream tasks across a wide range of industries, Pangu Models 3.0 is designed to address specific sector requirements and enhance various applications. 

“We believe Pangu Models 3.0 will accelerate industry innovation in Malaysia,” Mr Wei said.

He also stressed that the success of generative AI adoption will also hinge on the effective use of the cloud, advocating that a comprehensive cloud-native approach is essential.

“We believe that the key to digital success is to think cloud-native, act cloud-native, which means all digital, all cloud, AI-driven, and Everything-as-a-Service,” Mr Wei remarked.

Huawei exemplifies these principles by offering Malaysian organisations the means to embrace a ‘cloud-native’ approach through avenues such as its unique “cloud-network edge-device chip” synergy advantages; close collaboration with partners to develop industry-specific solutions; a proven record of serving e-government clouds, financial customers, carrier clients and top internet companies; as well as an open platform based on the cloud to foster collaboration and innovation.

The Huawei Cloud Summit Malaysia 2023 was a testament to Huawei’s commitment to advancing Malaysia’s digital landscape.

Mr Wei concluded: “We aim to provide Malaysia with a superior choice – one that’s more innovative, inclusive, and open – to help the nation thrive in the digital and intelligent era, ensuring that no one gets left behind in the digital world. Let’s journey together to the global stage!”

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