Maple partners with Multipl to offer up to 10% discount on Apple products

Maple partners with Multipl to offer up to 10% discount on Apple products

Maple increases the horizon for those who are looking for possessing Apple devices with loaded benefits, and customers making purchases through Save Now Pay Later. Customers can plan to buy from today and enjoy super savings.

MUMBAI, INDIA, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Maple,  one of India’s leading Apple Premium Resellers, has announced a partnership with the Save Now Pay Later platform Multipl, allowing customers to plan and save for their favourite products in advance. According to the agreement, all Maple customers who make purchases through the Multipl app will receive discounts of up to 10% on the full line of Apple products. This offer is in addition to any payment method selected by the user at the time of the transaction. Users of Multipl will get a 5% discount on new launches.

To avail of this offer, customers must create a savings plan on Multipl. The offer will be valid for 3-12 months after the plan is created. Thus, it can directly be translated as a non-taxable 10% return on savings or an annualized Internal Rate of Return of 22%. Furthermore, new Multipl users will receive additional benefits in the form of extra coupons, cashback, and jackpots for developing positive saving and spending habits and achieving their goals.

Commenting on the deal, said Mr. Manil Shetty, Managing Director, Maple, said, “Through this collaboration, we hope to give our customers the choice to purchase high-end Apple devices without incurring debt. Our customers would have an option to plan their spending and buy their preferred Apple products. Maple is committed to bringing authentic Apple products at the best prices to all Indians, and this collaboration is a step in that direction.” 

“The collaboration will be extremely beneficial to those looking to purchase Apple products. They will be rewarded for making wiser financial decisions in which they save and then spend on things they want, such as purchasing an iPhone. Maple has 12 retail stores in India as well as a strong digital presence. Potential users can use this initiative to create a savings plan if they do not want to buy the gadget right away. Maple has also added a Save Now, Buy Later button directly on their product pages to make things easier. So, I’d like to encourage Apple product fans to start planning, saving, and purchasing with deep discounts through our app,” said Mr. Paddy Raghavan, Co-Founder and CEO, Multipl.

The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) tendency is now outclassed by the Save Now Pay Later (SNPL) trend. It is because companies that provide this service collaborate with businesses, and consumers directly save money with these brands for future purchases. Maple believes According to a Multipl survey, many salaried users store and spend money directly from their bank accounts, which means that because of inflation, they have less money at the end of the month. In addition, the majority of them use an expensive credit model to pay for items like international flights, vacations, gifts, gadgets, appliances, annual health insurance, and even school fees. To combat this, Multipl introduced the SNPL concept, which has benefited millions of users.

About Maple

Maple is one of the leading Apple Premium Resellers with a pan-India presence and retail stores in Mumbai and Mangalore. Over its 15 years of service, Maple has more than half a million happy customers. And now with its strong online presence, it further reaches Apple consumers even at the remotest locations in India. 


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