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‘Mario Party Superstars’ is still on sale after Cyber Monday

‘Mario Party Superstars’ is still on sale after Cyber Monday

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

LET’S A-GO: Amazon’s Cyber Weekend deal on Mario Party Superstars was still available at the time of writing. Order a physical copy for $54.99 (normally $59.99) and you’ll get it in time for Christmas.

What are the holidays without a little friendly competition between family and friends? (Note: We cannot be held responsible for anything that happens after the second round of eggnog.)

If someone in your circle managed to find an ever-elusive Nintendo Switch, do yourselves a favor and pick up a copy of Mario Party Superstars the latest entry in the Mario Party series (released Oct. 29) is a must-have for game nights. It was one of Amazon’s Cyber Weekend bestsellers after it went on sale there for the first time on Black Friday, a deal that’s still live at the time of writing.

Order a physical copy of it for $54.99 (or $5 off) and you should still get it in time for Christmas; Amazon was promising a delivery range of Dec. 11 to 17 for Prime members the last time we checked. (Option No. 2 is buying a digital copy that’s available for instant download, but they’re still full price — and besides, that’s way less fun for gifting.)


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For the uninitiated, Superstars is a greatest-hits collection of 100 minigames and five classic boards from the series’ Nintendo 64 days. We haven’t reviewed it here at Mashable, but according to the good people over at IGN (which is owned by our parent company, Ziff Davis), it’s an absolute delight.

Mario Party Superstars is more than just a collection of excellent boards and minigames from the series’ past: It’s a complete return to form for the Mario Party series,” writes editorial producer Mitchell Saltzman. “There’s a really great mix of classic and more modern minigames, the overall quality of which is top-notch, even if some of them are a bit redundant.”

Up to four gamers can hop on a Superstars match at once, so grab an extra pair of Joy-Cons ahead of your holiday gathering if you plan on duking it out in person. (Conveniently, Amazon also had those on sale at the time of writing — grab a pair in your choice of several colors for $69, or $10 off.) For crews that are spread out in different locations, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online membership for remote/online play.

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