Mastering the Basics (and more) of Adobe FrameMaker 10

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“This book is great! It teaches people how to use FrameMaker in a logical way that almost makes it seem like an easy application to learn. A definite ‘must have’ for anyone who wants to learn FrameMaker or refresh their skills!” Technical writers around the world agree that FrameMaker is the best application for creating and maintaining large technical documents. They also agree that it can be extremely difficult to learn how to use it. “Mastering the Basics (and more) of Adobe FrameMaker 10” makes it easier to learn how to use this powerful, complex application. Hundreds of people around the world have say Janet Underwood’s knowledge of FrameMaker and her ability to explain its complex concept is “exemplary.” This book explains how to use FrameMaker 10 to be productive even more quickly than ever. In addition to the valuable instruction provided for earlier versions of FrameMaker, Mastering the Basics (and more) of Adobe FrameMaker 10 also teaches you how to use conditional text and develop your own templates. In addition to a glossary, a history of FrameMaker, and an explanation of picas and points, new appendixes clearly and concisely describe menu options you’ll find when working with documents or books and shortcut keys you can use to access those options. “Mastering the Basics (and more) of Adobe FrameMaker 10” is more than an instructional manual – it’s a valuable reference that every technical writer who uses FrameMaker should have!

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