Meet The Littletons: A New Online Youtube Series tackling current day political issues from the minds of Melissa Samuels and Adam Parker.

A New Online Youtube Series tackling current day political issues from the minds of Melissa Samuels and Adam Parker. The Littletons take on issues such as Immigration, Roe V. Wade, and Trans Rights in a stop-motion animated comedy about a middle-class, middle-American family navigating the social issues and political ramifications of our day.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The midterm election is a vital moment for Americans to choose the representatives and values that guide their local elections and influence their everyday lives. But, as an often overlooked election, sometimes we need powerful messengers to remind us what we are voting for.

Enter, “The Littletons,” the next evolution of the web-series, “The Quaranteenies,” which began as a creative, coping outlet for Writer/Producer Melissa Samuels and Director/Editor Adam Parker, living with their kids during the lockdown. Using real experiences, found toys, and family voices, the show evolved into an authentic satire resonating with many and earning a cult following online.

In bite-sized episodes, “The Littletons” addresses timely and controversial social issues through relatable characters and crudely animated satire. At the center is Janice Littleton, a no-nonsense matriarch trying to make sense of it all. Using humor, research, messaging, and voter understanding provided by their distribution partner Galvanize USA, “The Littletons” addresses culture war issues, abortion access, immigration, democracy, and more topics in an entertaining and educational manner that will be sure to move audiences on issues and to the polls. Demcast, Supermajority, and more mission-aligned organizations have signed up to share the series online with their followers.

Guided by principles of neuroscience, which teaches us that humor is a helpful strategy for sidestepping defense mechanisms and connecting with an audience, this series has the potential to make big change, even with its tiny characters.

The series primarily targets the hearts and minds of white suburban women swing voters, but still entertains and educates all audiences. These little episodes deliver big ideas, easily shareable on social media.

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