Michael Shannon can’t hold that stone cold glare in game of ‘Slow Turn, Tiny Nod’

Michael Shannon, king of the intense un-laughing stare onscreen, simply could not stop giggling in a game of “Slow Turn, Tiny Nod” with Jimmy Fallon.

The extremely simple but effective game on The Tonight Show requires a guest to slowly turn in their seat and offer a tiny nod to the camera, all without laughing. Kate McKinnon rules at this. The second round involves a double nostril flare, and the third requires a shoulder shimmy and the line, “Looks like we’ve got dinner plans.”

Amazingly, Hollywood’s purveyor of fine and extremely serious roles in Boardwalk Empire and The Shape of Water, Shannon really couldn’t hold back the impending corpsing that comes when an entire studio audience is giggling at your stone cold stare.

“It’s like you don’t have any feelings,” he says to a victorious Fallon in the first round. Folks, he does way better at the “dinner plans” round.

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