Mitrex's new Canadian manufacturing facility boasts PV production capacity of 2.5 GW per year

Mitrex, the world’s largest manufacturer of integrated solar products, has completed design and engineering for new 2.5 GW factory in Canada

TORONTO, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Mitrex, a Toronto-based manufacturer of integrated photovoltaics, has announced plans for a new 400,000 SQFT manufacturing facility in the USA for PV modules with a production capacity of 2.5 GW. With design and engineering complete, Mitrex is moving on to the next step and will break ground in Q1 of 2023.

Mitrex is a developer and manufacturer of solar materials consisting of both standard and colored PV modules as well as integrated BIPV materials such as solar facades, railings, windows, etc. The new facility will add approximately 500 MW to Mitrex’s BIPV products and 2 GW to standard PV modules such as Mitrex’s 390W-405W solar panels and colored solar panels, including its Solar Roof products.

The new facility will not only expand Mitrex’s solar manufacturing capabilities in North America, but it will also create a large employment base in the region. The facility will create 200 new jobs directly and many more indirect employment in the solar production, engineering, and sustainable technology sectors.

With over 250 million USD invested in the facility’s construction, the production plant will serve the massive solar markets of the North American region. Following various green energy incentives by the Canadian and US Governments, the new Mitrex facility will meet the growing demand in North America for renewable energy sources.

“Although government incentives and public investment are important in accelerating the adoption of green technology, we believe it is the responsibility of manufacturers and private investors to commercialize the production of green products. This ultimately creates an economically sustainable environment for functionally sustainable products,” says Mitrex CEO Danial Hadizadeh.

The demand for sustainable energy is only increasing. As the world continues to transition away from fossil fuel energy sources to clean energy, Mitrex intends to play a key role in the sustainability sector by supplying both PV modules and building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) to the energy and building industries.

About Mitrex

Mitrex comes from over 20 years of manufacturing experience and, as of recent years, researching, advancing, and manufacturing integrated solar technology are at the core. A world leader in the green building sector, Mitrex has made it its mission to have a transformative effect on the building industry by adopting sustainable, human-made structures that produce energy. Mitrex strives to balance the intersection of beauty and efficiency as a company. Mitrex believes that rapid, low-cost, sustainable manufacturing is economically viable and is the road to a brighter future for humanity. For more information, please visit

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