NCC, MNOs Need Emetrics to Monitor Quality of Service

Access to mobile broadband network at an affordable rate is great. However, the quality of the network offered to the public is a major factor that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) need to consider while delivering service to the Nigerian populace.

To maximize investment opportunities telecom operators must go beyond just building base stations and mounting the mast. The optimal network quality must be delivered to ensure that subscribers get the best quality Internet service.

The Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) has a huge responsibility to continue to ensure that network operator are constantly checked to deliver an optimized network at various locations across the country.

Prof. Isa Pantami, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, on a tour of Enextgen Wireless stand at the Nigerian Telecommunications Indigenous Content Expo (NTICE2022)

One of the leading Engineering companies that focuses on improving user experience in mobile broadband wireless telecommunication services, Enextgen Wireless Ltd. is at the forefront of providing an interactive network coverage map to check broadband quality across Nigeria.


Enextgen Wireless developed a solution called Emetrics to support mobile network operators like MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile, and other network providers to offer excellent mobile broadband network services to their subscribers.

Emetrics Service

The service allows mobile subscribers to visualize the quality of LTE Radio Frequency deployment in their locations

“Our solution can be used by the network providers including the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to compare some network key performance indicators (KPI) among the network operators,” Abibat Dunmoye, Director of Engineering, Enextgen Wireless said.

Emetrics Solution

Enextgen Wireless was present at the Nigerian Telecommunications Indigenous Content Expo (NTICE2022) between August 1 and 2, 2022 at Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos to showcase the Emetrics solution to stakeholders.

The NCC’s Executive Vice Chairman, Prof. Umar Danbatta; ​the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof. Isa Pantami, and some notable stakeholders were at the Enextgen Wireless booth to see the solution.

According to Abibat, the NCC, ​ network regulators can adopt the solution and use it for benchmarking and comparison among the operators.

”​What the mobile network operators claim to be providing to the user in terms of network quality, are they actually providing it? the NCC and mobile broadband network providers can use Emetrics to perform benchmarking and RF monitoring to know what the consumer experiences are and they can use it to identify areas that need improvements.”

With Emetrics, one can monitor the mobile network signal coverage, and signal quality of an area​ and ​can also be used​ by corporate organizations, device manufacturers, fleet operators, Small/Medium/Large Businesses, government agencies, industry, and market analysts to enhance the quality of their in-building wireless connectivity.

“The LTE coverage tends to be a major source when it comes to internet backhaul, it penetrates some of the rural areas and major urban areas. Due to its wider coverage, a lot of users depend on it for their internet access connectivity, because of that there is a need for continuous monitoring and improvement when required.”

According to Abibat, even in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city, there are areas we identified to have network performance issues which we pointed out to the network providers. “We subscribed to a particular network provider at a time for office internet connectivity and the experience was not encouraging.”

Enextgen Wireless Team at the Nigerian Telecommunications Indigenous Content Expo (NTICE2022)

Abibat said it was difficult to make conference calls at the time, however, added that with the help of Emetrics, we were able to identify the mobile broadband network provider with the best network coverage quality, and also we were able to improve the network quality with the help of our In-building wireless solution.

Enextgen Wireless has been tracking LTE deployment in Nigeria and bringing to the attention of LTE service providers Radio Frequency deployment issues that lead to sub-optimal offered quality of service.

According to Gbadega Adeyeye, Business Development Director, Enextgen Wireless, in a situation where a network performance issue is being identified on a particular network provider, Enextgen shares reports with the network operators.

In addition, we provide Engineering and technical support services to help organizations or mobile broadband network users to enhance their in-building wireless connectivity experience using our Enextlog data collection devices, Emetrics data visualization platform, Premetrics analytics dashboard, and other components, Gbadega said.

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