New Website, Space Is For You, Offers Insights Into How Global Endeavors In Space Contribute To Life On Earth

MELBOURNE, Fla. and MONTREAL, Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Space is a valuable contributor to the global economy, employing approximately 1.2 million people worldwide, and in 2020 was worth USD $447 billion. The economic contributions of space go beyond what we hear about most — rocket launches and space exploration. Industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, and agriculture not only benefit from space technology, but depend on it.

Anyone looking to discover how our global endeavors in space have contributed to life on Earth should look to Space Is For You for a variety of information. The database has a growing number of products and technology applications that are derived from space science. Space Is For You is also shedding light on the contributions of established and emerging space nations through country profiles, space agency information, and even maps showcasing the space industry network across the world.

For journalists: Space Is For You provides free databases, industry contacts, and ready-to-quote experts to explain how the space industry is making progress and solving problems for people all around the world.

Space Is For You has a global network of Space Ambassadors who share how space activity contributes to local initiatives and identify emerging companies in their area.

Space is at the forefront of technological innovation and has immediate impact in our everyday life. It is a crucial player in helping us solve our most pressing global challenges such as climate change, food insecurity, and humanitarian crises. Learn more about how space helps us all at

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Space Is For You is the place to learn how space technology is applied for benefits on Earth. From everyday items like the pillow on your bed and GPS to solving climate change, space is a crucial resource for enhancing life on Earth. Browse our database to discover space spinoffs and applications, companies, country profiles, and more.


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