NitroReel announces the first ever Remote Video Editor for iPhones

Tired of editing videos on the iPhone screen and fed up with copying videos back and forth between the phone and computer, NitroReel releases a video editor to edit iPhone videos from a computer screen instantly and without any cloud uploads.

REDMOND, Wash., June 9, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — NitroReel announced the first ever Remote Video Editor for iPhones.

There are traditionally two options when it comes to editing videos captured on the iPhone. Use one of dozens of on-phone video editing products, or copy all the videos to a computer and edit on the computer using traditional desktop video editing software. The first option limits you to the screen real estate of the device, and the other requires cumbersome back and forth copying, especially if the end result is required to be on the phone for uploading to social media.

NitroReel strives to provide the comfort of big-screen editing of mobile media without the hassle of copying assets around.

With NitroReel, users can simply open a browser page and connect to the iPhone directly from a web based video editor and perform editing of the videos that reside on the phone without making local copies. The editor provides basic editing capabilities such as clipping, positioning, image processing as well as fading in and out. It also supports overlaid text and captions and the ability to add audio tracks.

Once editing is complete, the user can simply render the video to produce the final output in one of several popular social media formats directly into the camera roll of the phone.

Connecting the editor the iPhone requires that the phone and the computer be part of the same wifi network. This ensures security as well as provides good bandwidth for previews.

The product is free to use and currently has no paid features. It also does not force a watermark on the resulting videos.

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