Northpoint Roofing Systems takes on the Benefits for a Brighter Tomorrow with their NEW Solar Division

ATLANTA, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Northpoint Roofing Systems has helped guide over 18,000 homeowners to a protected roof using innovative technology and quality craftsmanship. Their forward-thinking mentality has allowed them to bring the same energy and customer focus to launch their solar division in their line of roofing solutions. This new launch will resolve commercial and residential renewable energy dilemmas penetrating today’s market.

The rising costs of 2022 continue to transpire, and people are turning to revolutionary ways to save on utility because these prices have not gone down since 1949. Northpoint recognizes that solar is more affordable than ever. They also understand they can connect people to cost-effective and clean, renewable energy that will meet the demand of homeowners and companies based on their lifestyle. Northpoint is offering well-designed and engineered solar electricity with little maintenance while also providing a broad education on options that are not only dependable but lead the way to a better future.

“We recently hired John Harding as Director of Solar to lead this launch, who has over seven years of solar experience spanning the spectrum of residential solar sales and sales management,” says Joe Happe, General Manager and Co-Owner of Northpoint Roofing. John also has extensive knowledge in commercial solar, including a 940kW installation and utility-scale solar development in Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas. John states, “My commitment to solar as a viable solution for homeowners grew from my experience working in Europe and seeing development in markets with considerably less sun, but a well-developed commitment to renewable solutions for energy production.”

Northpoint recognizes that this solar division makes sense for them and their customers for a lot of reasons. “We know roofs. Every solar installer will ask you about the age of your roof because it is critical to solar installation. Speak to one of our customers, and they will rave about our roofs. We can now offer our customers a complete roofing system that adds more value to their property and saves them money while caring about the next generation. Just wait; our customers will be raving about our solar solutions in no time,” says Keith Priddy, President and Co-Founder of Northpoint Roofing.

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