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Nutribullet blender on sale: Black Friday deal at Best Buy

Nutribullet blender on sale: Black Friday deal at Best Buy

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

Save $50: As of Oct. 21, the NutriBullet 5-Speed Blender in Dark Gray is 33% off at Best Buy. You’ll pay $99.99.

From post-workout protein shakes to creamy winter soups, you’ll find a use for a blender no matter your culinary abilities.

Some of the fancier models can run upwards of $700, especially if they have features like variable speed control and smart recognition of container size. But for those who want a simpler (and more affordable) option, the NutriBullet 5-Speed Blender is a great pick.

No frozen fruit left behind with these blades.
Credit: NutriBullet

With this blender, you can easily switch between pitchers of three different sizes for single-serve and group-serving needs, and the five speeds will help you control the mix.

In addition to the standard “pulse” setting on most kitchen blenders, the NutriBullet 5-Speed Blender also features an “extract” option that initiates cyclical periods of blending with increasing speed and enough time in between for the ingredients to settle into the blades, lessening the need to manually push ingredients down.

For those times that you do need to get some stubborn vegetables off the side of the pitcher, there’s a tamper that can be inserted through the lid, designed to stop just short of the blades to ensure that you don’t accidentally blend plastic into your food. Other safety features include suction cups on the feet and an LED alert that goes off if the components aren’t snapped into place.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly, flexible blender, the NutriBullet 5-Speed Blender will do the trick. It’s currently on sale at Best Buy with a guaranteed Black Friday deal, so if the price goes down in the next month, you’ll be refunded the difference. Check it out now, and never have to chew your smoothies again.

Nutribullet blender sitting next to cups and attachments

Credit: NutriBullet

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