ONEC Design Builds Clean and Carbon-Free Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module

EDMONTON, AB, April 22, 2022 /CNW/ – ONEC Group of Companies, an Alberta-based EPC&M company, is proud to announce its latest solution to emergency power needs, the 5kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) Module Building. Powered by Gencell’s alkaline fuel cell, this module operates on industrial-grade hydrogen to supply clean, emissions-free power in emergencies until the primary power is restored.

Since its inception in 2000, ONEC has developed several stand-alone products for specific industry needs, working directly with clients to engineer and construct products to their exact standards. Now, amid a global renewable energy transition, ONEC hopes this latest product will serve as a cleaner, greener alternative to more traditional, fossil fuel-fired power solutions.

“ONEC has been exploring the clean power concept for a while and has really forged ahead in terms of committing the effort and resources required to make a change. This is the first hydrogen fuel cell in Alberta and only the second in Canada. It’s big news for green power and a chance for people to see hydrogen technology at work. That’s why ONEC took a bold step with the design and construction of this module for testing and demonstration purposes. ONEC takes action – actions that will ultimately benefit our communities and the environment,” said Joe Riordan, Engineer at ONEC Group of Companies.

Designed and constructed in-house by ONEC’s multidiscipline team of engineers and construction professionals, the HFC can house up to 15 bottles of hydrogen, with each bottle providing about two hours of electricity at maximum output. Everything necessary to generate 48V DC, 120V AC, or 240V AC is included, with the option to accept hydrogen from other external sources such as trailers or supply tanks to extend power indefinitely as required. To ensure a wide range of applications and usability, the HFC is compact and easily transported on a standard fifth-wheel utility trailer. And heat expelled from the process of power generation can be reclaimed for alternative uses.

The first of these units was completed in early November and has since been transported to ATCO Power’s Nisku, Alberta site, where it will be piloted as an emergency power source for a year.

“ATCO is committed to ensuring that our customers have access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy as we enable the transition to a net-zero emissions future,” said Lance Radke, VP of Customer Experience and Initiatives. “Importantly, this means long-term thinking by exploring new and innovative energy solutions and technologies and ATCO is excited to participate in this one-year pilot study with the ONEC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module Building.”

As an organization committed to agility, innovation, and continuous improvement, the HFC is just one example of ONEC’s foray into renewable energy. ONEC is also engaged in various solar and wind initiatives throughout the country, working to support clients in reaching national net-zero emission goals for their facilities established by the Canadian government.

“Our team is making real positive impacts through the new innovations we are co-developing with our clients and suppliers. Hydrogen fuel cells for backup power is one of these real impact solutions,” affirmed Denis Wiart, CEO of ONEC Group of Companies. “We see Alberta as being a critical player in the energy transition, and ONEC being a very active participant.”

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