OPTOMA Established Optoma Holdings in the United Kingdom

TAIPEI, Jan. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Optoma, a visual solutions provider that has delivered exceptional experiences to millions of people for the last two decades, established Optoma Holdings in the United Kingdom in 2022. This strategic move came with a few considerations, including being in proximity to its key customers, access to one of the world’s most stable and well-regulated capital markets, maintaining close relationships with trendsetters in AV, enterprise, and education segments, collaborations with leading centers of content and creative disciplines, and access to world-class talents in marketing, design, corporate social responsibility, etc.

Optoma has a long history in the UK, as it is the first European country with an Optoma presence. The UK operation also spearheaded the company’s expansion into the rest of Europe. The establishment of Optoma Holdings in the UK has minimal impact on its suppliers and partners worldwide; Coretronic will also continue to be Optoma’s majority shareholder. Optoma retains a significant presence in Taiwan as it offers unmatched access to world-class talents in R&D, product management, and supply chain management and is close to its key suppliers and contract manufacturers. Taiwan remains a pivotal role in Optoma’s global operations.

Optoma will leverage its core competencies in developing and manufacturing large-display products to explore new business opportunities. Building upon its prowess in large-display products, Optoma plans to expand into software and services. Combining hardware, software, and services into integrated solutions, Optoma strives to deliver maximum value to consumers, customers, and shareholders.

About Optoma

Optoma delivers engaging visual experiences for a connected world. With customer needs and user experience at the center, Optoma’s projection and LED and interactive flat panel display products combine superior image processing technologies with exceptional engineering innovation to deliver stunning images with ultimate reliability. We have demonstrated our capabilities as a first-mover, innovator, and market leader and firmly established our position as the world’s leading 4K UHD projector and DLP® brand. The Optoma Group has continental headquarters in Asia Pacific, China, Europe, and the USA. Learn more about Optoma, visit https://www.optoma.com/tw/.


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