Paway, Ivy Growth Launch Partnership to Pay Dogwalkers Upfront

Paway, the premier dog walking companion app, and Ivy, the leading embedded finance platform for gig workers, announced their partnership to offer cash advances and other financial products to Paway’s fleet of dog walkers and pet care professionals.

Built directly into Paway’s platform and mobile app, Ivy’s cash advances allow workers to easily get an infusion of cash ahead of their wages, helping them better manage their liquidity and achieve financial stability.

This new feature puts the needs of dog walkers first, ensuring that they are able to stay on the job, regardless of when and how they are paid.

This will entice more potential dog walkers and pet care professionals to join the Paway platform. 

“Partnering with Ivy has created room for trust between dog walker and company, something no other dog walking app is able to offer”, says Jason Meltzer, CEO, and founder of Paway.

“With the gig economy booming and so many new opportunities for a side hustle separate from your day job, the lines can get blurry especially when it comes to receiving a paycheck. We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with Ivy to offer a solution in the dog walking space.”

Paway and Ivy share a vision of the future where workers do not have to compromise between flexibility and financial security. “The economy is transforming, and new patterns of work are becoming commonplace”, says Arseniy Banayev, CEO and co-founder of Ivy.

“Unfortunately, this leaves millions of hardworking Americans overlooked by traditional financial institutions. Today, we’re incredibly excited to work with Paway and other gig marketplaces to fill that gap with innovative financial products that provide more sustainable cash flow for gig workers.”

Ivy is the fintech platform for the gig economy. Founded by immigrants with deep roots in their communities and in the tech industry, Ivy enables gig marketplaces to offer liquidity solutions that make sense for their workers.

Using the Ivy platform and API, companies can easily embed innovative financial products into their own mobile and web apps, ultimately expanding financial access to an otherwise overlooked segment of the population

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