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Lorestry meets urgent unmet need for children’s health

CONCORD, Mass., May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Alea Diagnostics (“Alea”), a company supporting child development monitoring with parents using the Lorestry app and companion baby development progression reports, is now available to leading NICUs and companies providing early intervention and care to children with developmental delays.

“We define a new, gold standard for child development monitoring in collaboration with parents, and for NICU babies” 

Children conceived and born during the pandemic are now celebrating their second and third birthdays. Numerous research articles and publications have raised alarms about development needs for these children.

“With limited providers available in an increasingly burdened maternal-child health system, we need to identify and refer children as early as possible in collaboration with parents. We reached out to providers and asked how they are educating families about monitoring and referrals given the 2022 call to action by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We were stunned to find that none were doing anything differently,” said Linda Craib RN, CEO of Alea.

Alea worked with their partner, Children’s Mercy in Kansas City and took action steps:

  1. Making Lorestry a Health & Safety resource for community education
  2. Providing the Lorestry app and baby reports subscription to every employee and family served by the organization at no cost
  3. Designing a plan to use the free Lorestry education toolkit as part of discharge teaching for their 84-bed Level IV NICU

“The opportunities for families and babies are endless with Lorestry. This application is an innovative, thoughtful, and robust solution that provides a lifelong story for every child. In addition to supporting families in the home with milestone achievement and education, it allows healthcare providers to provide up-to-date discharge teaching and targeted education in the community and in the NICU environment. I am excited about Lorestry for our NICU families– parents know their baby best and they can utilize Lorestry to help us work together as a team and provide targeted interventions for the baby’s developmental needs, ” said Anne Craig, MSN, RN, RNC-NIC, Nursing Director for the NICU at Children’s Mercy.

“We’re excited to continue our work with Children’s Mercy as we define a new, gold standard for the development monitoring,” said Craib, a neonatal Registered Nurse. “We hope to work with any organization committed to the developmental health of newborns and children.”

About Lorestry

Lorestry engages parents as health historians, storytellers, and collaborative partners. Available to employers and health plans, the company also offers limited advertising and co-marketing opportunities to leading newborn and child health brands.

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