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Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds deal: Save almost $75 for a limited time

Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds deal: Save almost $75 for a limited time

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

SAVE $73.97: As of Oct. 5, the Powerbeats Pro are $73.97 (30%) off their usual price for a limited time, bringing the total down to $175.98.

Don’t get us wrong, we love AirPods. They’re convenient, stylish, zeitgeist-y — all that good stuff. But one thing they notoriously aren’t good for is exercise.

Unless you’re a superhuman who doesn’t sweat during workouts, it’s likely that your AirPods are going to be slipping out of your ears well before you’re ready to leave the gym. It’s both frustrating and a very quick way to lose one of your precious Pods for good.

The Powerbeats Pro fix this problem, and they’re currently on sale at Amazon. For a limited time, you can score almost $75 off the high-end headphones and start getting acquainted with your new gym partner. (Only the red ones are this cheap, but we think they look pretty sick.)

Meet your new gym buddy.
Credit: Beats


Which wireless earbuds have the best sound? These are our top picks.

The Powerbeats Pro bring all the great aspects of the AirPods to the table, but they do them all just a little bit better (if you can look past the super chunky charging case). The sound, battery life (up to nine hours), and interface slightly edge out the coveted AirPods, and the built-in ear clips make for a snug fit while you’re doing your thing in the gym. They’re sweat- and water-resistant, too.

If you’ve been searching for a great pair of sport headphones, the Powerbeats Pro are at the top of the pack — save $73.97 at Amazon for a limited time.

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Credit: Beats

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