Quantzig's Customer Micro-Segmentation Solution Revolutionized Customer Marketing for a Retailer in the USA

NEW YORK, Aug. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading data analytics and strategic consulting firm, Quantzig is proud to announce its successful collaboration with a prominent player in the USA Retail industry. Through the deployment of cutting-edge Customer Micro-Segmentation techniques, Quantzig transformed its customer marketing strategies, driving unprecedented growth and customer engagement. 

The client faced significant challenges in their customer marketing efforts, as disconnected data across various channels hindered their understanding of the complete customer journey. The absence of a unified customer view led to suboptimal customer targeting, personalized messaging, and limited customer engagement. 

Our team of experts employed advanced analytics and micro-segmentation techniques to build a cohesive 360-degree customer profile for the client. The development of a comprehensive customer journey map across channels facilitated the identification of potential churn points. Utilizing predictive analytics, our team predicted the next-best actions for each customer, enabling personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

The above initiatives resulted in:

  • 13% higher customer engagement
  • 7.5% higher sales
  • 11% increase in revenue from existing customers

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About Quantzig:   

Quantzig is a global analytics and business intelligence solution provider. It turns clients’ complex, unstructured data into intelligent, actionable insights that enable them to solve complex business problems and inspire innovation, change, and growth.   

Over the past 17 years, our insights have helped over 120 clients, including 55 Fortune 500 companies, spanning industries and sectors like Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Retail and CPG, Food and Beverage, and more. We have successfully delivered 1500 in-depth solutions in areas like Supply Chain Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Customer Analytics, and more.    

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