Red Lions Capital wins Product of the Year at the Spear's Wealth Navigator Awards

Red Lions Capital wins Product of the Year at the Spear's Wealth Navigator Awards

LONDON, Dec. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Red Lions Capital became the winner of SPEAR’s Wealth Navigator Awards 2021 in the nomination PRODUCT OF THE YEAR.

Red Lions Capital will soon launch a new “atomized” product reinventing access to exposure in top late-stage non-public tech companies by creating a platform where professional investors can instantly achieve exposure to pre-IPO companies from as little as $10,000 using their existing brokerage accounts. The route of entry for eligible investors is simply by investing in securities of RLC’s incorporated cells which hold direct equity in pre-IPO companies.

“Our company is proud to have been recognised as a leading Pre-IPO investor. In today’s private markets, the fund model looks outdated, so RLC has created a platform that gives exposure to late-stage rounds without locking capital for 5-7 years. Investors can build a well-diversified “cellfolio” of A-rated fast-growing and mature tech unicorns in A-rated top tech industry subsectors forming a appealing AA menu. Investors can select from a broad RLC menu of incorporated cells which have invested in AA qualified tech late-stage startups and do not miss out on strong returns. Our solution provides convenience, security and caters to institutional and qualified private investors around the globe, particularly in Europe, Middle East and Asia,” said Marianne Domaille, RLC’s CEO.

Founded in 2020, Red Lions Capital has invested more than $50 million in global tech companies like Thrasio, Kraken, Revolut, EatJust, OYO, Rubrik etc. RLC’s incorporated cells have exposure to global technology sectors: EdTech, FoodTech, FinTech and other growing industries.

SPEAR’s Russia Wealth Navigator Awards is the annual award for the best representatives of private banking industry, wealth management, and affiliated industries. The founder of the award is the and SPEAR’s Russia magazine. PwC acts as an independent consultant. SPEAR’s Russia Wealth Navigator Award was established on the same principles as the British SPEAR’s Wealth Management Awards, presented by the SPEAR’s UK magazine in London.

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